Electric Massage Gun -The Best Dropshipping Product Options in 2021

Electric Massage Gun -The Best Dropshipping Product Options in 2021

January 6, 2021

Dropshipping products have gained quite a market in the past months owing to the current circumstances. People prefer shopping online instead of going out, leading to an increase in the number of buyers. Understanding the situation, many brands and local sellers have moved to the dropshipping business to make the best out of it. Many products have gained popularity on various buying and selling websites leading to increased demand in dropshipping of those products. The popularity of these products has proven beneficial to the sellers and provided an opportunity to boost their sales.

Dropshipping products in 2021

The sales in the dropshipping business are expected to hike in 2021, and investing in the right products can be highly beneficial. While selecting a niche for your business is important, sometimes you also need to take advantage of the current circumstances to increase sales. Keeping a good percentage of products in your niche would benefit you. But why not try to make the most benefit? The trends in 2020 speak for themselves and highlight the products that might take the market by storm in 2021. Some of the products which you might want to add to your store include

  • Fitness trackers
  • Smartwatches
  • Resistance bands
  • Bluetooth headphones
  • E-cigarettes
  • Ukulele
  • Electric Massage Guns

Electric massage guns are mentioned last in this list, but they can give you a profitable business in the coming year. A huge number of consumers bought electric massage guns in the past few months, and the trend is expected to grow high. If you have not put electric massage guns in your store, it is high time to add them to the list.

The best electric massage guns

When we talk about placing a specific product on your store for improved sales, it does not mean picking up any of them. To make sure that the product is beneficial for your store, selecting the right one is essential. There is a wide variety of electric massage guns in the market, yet you must know what your audience would prefer. If you have been dealing with your customers for some time now, it is easy to understand their choice. Placing products in your store that comply with your buyers’ choice always gives you an extra benefit. First, find the best massage guns before when you plan on adding them to the store.

Fig 1. Electric Massage Guns
Fig 1. Electric Massage Guns

Find the best electric massage guns at Wefullfill

Finding the best electric massage gun is easy if you know the right means. There are many online niche and product finders that can help you find the right product.

Wefullfill is the solution to all your dropshipping products issues. It is an allrounder that allows you to find the right products that sell well and help you profit. The products on Wefullfill are the top ones that would help you boost sales of your dropshipping products.


Observing the demand for electric massage guns in the dropshipping products, we have selected the best sellers for you. Though there are many options to choose from, you can consider these few if they match your customer’s need. Let’s have a look at the specifications of each product to make it easier for you to choose.



If you are looking for a smart electric massage gun in times of smart phones and smartwatches, this one can be your go-to choice. It has several features that make it the premium choice for many sellers looking for top dropshipping products.

Fig 3. LCD display massage gun deep muscle massage
Fig 3. LCD display massage gun deep muscle massage



The USB smart electric massager is a perfect choice for people who enjoy a deep massage. It comes with features and accessories to make it the perfect fit for your needs. Some of the features of this massager include

Choice of colors 

Usually, massagers available in the market come in either black or white. We understand that not everyone looks for neutral colors when they buy a product. This electric massager comes in all the colors people love to buy nowadays, including gray, purple, and blue. Gray is quite popular as many people like to match products with other stuff in the house. Other than that, blue and purple are also favorites.


In current times, people are looking for tech-savvy dropshipping products to improve their sales. USB Smart Electric Massager is one such product that comes with an LCD to provide you precise data with no issues.


The speed of this massager is 1800 to 6800 percussions per minute for deep massaging to aching tissues. The vibration style is hammering vibrations, which help target the pain site and act on it directly. The amplitude of these vibrations is 12 mm for relief to deep pain.

Ergonomic construction style

The massager is constructed in ergonomic style to offer the most comfort to you. The ergonomic grip helps to avoid any extra external force, whereas the ergonomic massage head provides a comfortable massage by reducing damage and stress on bones.

Other features

Material: The electric massager is made of aluminum and plastic.

Rated power and voltage: The rated power for this device is 18-95W, and the voltage is DC12V.

Operation: This exceptional dropshipping product comes with a touchpad input operation.

Battery: It is chargeable with a battery capacity of up to 6000mA.

Health Benefits

Due to a range of speeds, you can adjust them according to your need and also select the massage head accordingly.

The 12 mm amplitude makes it possible to relieve deep muscle pain and increase motion while decreasing pain.

The various speed settings also allow you to set them according to the muscle group you are working on.

The USB smart electric massager is the ultimate massager for pain relief, reduce pressure or knots.

Additional accessories

This massager is a chargeable one, and thus it comes with a charging cable. If you are unsure about how the machine works, the manual has instructions for all its functions. Therefore, the total parts or accessories this massager contains include

  • 1 massager
  • 4 massager heads
  • 1 charging cable
  • 1 manual

Check here how it works:


The dropshipping cost for a USB smart electric massager is $38.50



The next dropshipping product on our list is another exceptional massager. While you are a fitness enthusiast and feel sore after a workout, this massager is your hands-on rescue. It provides immediate relief to the pain of every sort and covers almost all parts of your body. Let’s show you the specifications of this massager.

Fig 3. LCD display massage gun deep muscle massage
Fig 3. LCD display massage gun deep muscle massage



The massager is constructed precisely with high precision of connectivity of the body and the head of the massager. The precision allows the massager head to slide on the skin smoothly, eliminating any possible noise during operation. Along with perfect construction and hold, the tool has a high-quality motor that also plays its part in reducing noise. LCD massage gun deep muscle massage has a super heat-dissipating role offering a noise-free 45DB silent massage.

Swift charging

If we say that there is something better than having a chargeable electric massager, that is definitely a fast-charging electric massage gun. This device has a 2400mAh battery that charges quickly within 2 hours and works perfectly for 5 to 6 hours after charging.

HD display

The market for dropshipping products is getting saturated with hot selling ones. The best way to hike your sales is to add products to your store that offer something extra than others. If other electric massage guns offer LCD, why not have one that provides HD LCD? LCD massage gun deep muscle massage has an HD LCD with a touchpad to make operation convenient for you.

Massage heads

This dropshipping product is among the most liked massagers among customers with 4 different kinds of massage heads. The users love the other massage heads as they have their distinct functions for the best pain relief. The four heads are Round Massage Ball, Spiral Head, Fork Leg Tip, and Flat Warm Up Tip. If used at specific body parts, each of these tips or heads tend to provide relaxation better than many other massagers.

  • Use the Spiral head attachment for pain in body joints.
  • The Big Round Massage Ball is better for deep muscle pain and muscle recovery.
  • The Fork Leg Tip is considered ideal for spine massage and pain relief in that area.
  • Attaching the Flat Warm Up Tip works well for all body parts if you do not feel like changing it particularly.


The size of such dropshipping products is nevertheless similar, with this one being 9­.45×9.64×2.01 inches.

Health benefits

This tool is perfect for a post-workout relaxation session to get rid of the soreness in your body. It helps to relieve pain by promoting blood circulation in parts of your body.

It is beneficial in case of sports injury as it helps in reviving tissues and alleviating the pain.

You can also use it generally to promote the health of soft tissues.

Other features

A few other features of this electric massager include

Gear position: 1–20 files

Battery: The battery is of high-quality lithium 24V 2400mAh

Charging voltage: The ideal charging voltage for LCD display massage gun deep muscle massage is 110–240V


The package of this electric massager includes a 2400mAh massage gun with 4 changeable massage heads. Additionally, it comes with a charging cable and an English manual for easy understanding of the functions.

The supplier sends the massager with a bag for convenient transportation and storage.

Learn more about the product here at


The dropshipping cost for this product is $46.00.


The mini electric massage gun is perfect for traveling and keeping in small places if you don’t like tools that take up a lot of places. You can take this mini electric massage gun easily everywhere with you and use it to relieve body aches. With different attachments, this tool is quite useful for pain relief and massage.

Fig 4. Mini Electric Massage Gun
Fig 4. Mini Electric Massage Gun


Long battery life

Though the massager is small in size, it has a better battery life than others. The Mini Electric Massage Gun has a high-quality lithium battery with a 2000 mAh capacity. The battery charges quickly and can last up to 16 hours once charged property.

Massage heads

Like a few other electric massagers, the mini electric massage gun is among the dropshipping products with 4 massage heads. These 4 massage heads can be used for different parts of the body as per the requirements. The details about the usage of each massage head can be found in the manual for your convenience.


These dropshipping products are usually preferred as per the convenience of users and their compactness. This massager is a favorite among people due to its compactness. The mini-sized product is perfect to be put in your pocket after using the functionally just like a regular-sized massager.


The massager comes with a high-quality DC brushless motor, which reduces the noise and offers a silent massage. The premium quality of the motor ensures that the device works appropriately after being charged completely.

Health benefits

The four different massage heads allow meeting the ergonomic demands and perfect for distinct muscles of the body.

Low-grade massage can be used to enhance muscle vitality. Other than that, you can also use this compact massager to revitalize your spine and muscles that are stressed by continuous sitting in one posture.

This massager is one of the fabulous dropshipping products that are convenient to use and easy to store. The Mini Electric Massage Gun is perfect for relieving muscle fatigue along with revitalizing stressed muscles.

Other features

Some other specifications that can help you decide on adding an electric massage gun to your dropshipping products list are

The product is relatively light-weight, having only 0.36kg of weight.

The speed of the massager is 3200r/min, which offers deep vibration massage.


The mini electric massage gun comes with 4 massage heads.

Additionally, it comes with a box to store your massage gun conveniently.

Learn more about the product at this video


The dropshipping cost for the mini electric massage gun is $27.00 with availability in black, gray, green, and pink colors.



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