FAQ Guideline – Dropshipping Websites

FAQ Guideline – Dropshipping Websites

February 11, 2021


Here is a complete guide for dropshipping websites.

You can go through these FAQs and find answers to the commonly raised questions.

This dropshipping websites FAQ guide will help you choose the best supplier websites for your dropshipping business.



1. How to build a dropshipping website for your own store?

You can build a dropshipping website by using WordPress or Shopify.

Both offer various themes/ templates for the users.




If you are building a website for the first time Shopify would be more convenient as it is built for Ecommerce.


Figure 1: How to make dropshipping website

But if you want a sophisticated website, WordPress has an edge over Shopify.


2. Do dropshipping websites offer all kinds of products?


It depends on each dropshipping website.

Some Dropshipping websites offer all kinds of products.

Figure 2: Dropshipping website products

Most dropshippers target specific niche products, keeping in view of the profit, trends, and demand of their customers.


3. Which dropshipping websites are the most reliable?

Before you place your order at any dropshipping website, you must verify certain things to make sure the website is not a fraud.



Several things can be observed, for example the reviews on the platform give a clear insight.

If a website has a refund policy and protects the buyer, there is a great chance it is reliable.

Wefullfill has a six-month warranty for all products and has a refund policy according to which, after problem confirmation, the amount will be refunded to your Wefullfill wallet.


Figure 3: Wefullfill dropshipping website


4. What are the top five dropshipping websites?


All dropshipping websites have their strong points and limitations.

The most popular dropshipping websites include:

  1. Wefullfill
  2. AliExpress
  3. SaleHoo
  4. Doba
  5. Wholesale2B

You can do your research on internet and choose the best supplier for your dropshipping business.



5.  Are products cheaper on dropshipping websites?

A good dropshipping website would supply products at low prices.

Low price wholesale ensures the profit margin of the retailers.

Shipping expenses also have a significant effect on your dropshipping business.


Some suppliers offer free shipping whereas others charge you for shipping.


6.Can you use multiple dropshipping websites for dropshipping business?


Yes, you can use multiple dropshipping websites to find suppliers for your business.

Having multiple suppliers has a benefit that there are always more options in case one supplier is unable to make the delivery.



Having multiple suppliers for your dropshipping business also means a greater variety of products.

Figure 4: Multiple suppliers for a merchant


However, it can also lead into a problem, if you are new into dropshipping business.

You are not familiar with the dropshippers, you can be scammed by some suppliers.


7. Which dropshipping websites have top trending products?



Many dropshipping websites sell the top trending products on their websites.

The websites also display their best-selling products.


Figure 5: Top trending products research is essential

This makes it easier for retailers to decide what products they should keep in their shops to attract more customers.


8. Do dropshipping websites provide services globally?


Dropshipping businesses provide services to most countries but not all countries around the globe.


It varies to every dropshipper.

Some dropshipping websites such as Wefullfill offers services globally.


9. How are payments made on dropshipping websites?


Different dropshipping websites offer different payment methods to customers such as,

  • Stripe
  • PayPal
  • Payoneer
  • EasyPayDirect
  • Gateway funnel pros


These payment methods depend on the country and the availably of the payment services in the region.

Some dropshipping website have their own payment methods to go with.


10. Can you make a dropshipping website for free?

Yes, you can make a dropshipping website for free.



One reason for the popularity of dropshipping business is the fact that it requires minimum investment.


11. Are dropshipping websites legitimate?

Yes, some dropshipping websites are legitimate and some are not.


Figure 6: Dropshipping is legal

It can be predicted by checking the website.

If website seems fishy and they ask for full payment upfront then something is fishy.


12. Which is the best dropshipping website for your e-commerce business?



While choosing a dropshipping website for your business you should keep some things in mind, such as

  1. The website should be detailed, containing product information.
  2. The website should contain inventory data feed.
  3. The website should contain options to place/cancel orders and a refund policy.




13. Should you prefer dropshipping websites over wholesale?


When a retailer buys from a dropshipping website, he does not have to buy in bulk and only pays the dropshipper when he receives payment from his customer.


Figure 7: Dropshipping better than wholesale


Also, the retailer does not have to worry about inventory management because he does not have to store the products.

So, dropshipping is more profitable than wholesale as it saves you from big investment and higher risk.

Wefullfill provides you work on automation mode.

You dropshipping business will be dealt easily on Wefullfill smart app.


14. Do dropshipping websites save your time?


Yes, dropshipping websites save your plenty of time.

You don’t have to manually find suppliers from different websites as AliExpress or Alibaba where you don’t know the authenticity of the suppliers as well.

By these dropshipping websites, you can have online meeting with the manager and ask your every query without any reservation.



15. How reliable are dropshipping websites?


You have to do thorough search to find out if any dropshipping website is reliable or not.

You should not make the full payment to dropshippers.

Ask about their past experiences.

Connect with the sales manager that gives you proper overview of their functioning and rates.

You can make sure the website is reliable to prevent inconvenience in the future.


16.     How much can you make from a dropshipping website?


Different dropshippers make different profit margin.

After paying for other expenses such as shipping and labor, the average margin is usually between 15 to 20 percent.

The amount you can earn from dropshipping depends on certain factors:

  1. How much of your time do you invest in the business?
  2. The ability to choose the right products to offer to the customers.
  3. Choosing the right supplier.
  4. Marketing strategies and advertisements.



17. Do dropshipping websites offer a refund if product quality is not good?



Yes, most websites have a partial or full refund policy in case the customer is not satisfied with the product.

Some dropshippers send a new product to the customer and some refund the amount.


Figure 8: Dropshipping websites offer refund

You can check the refund policy on the dropshipping website before placing the order.


18. How many products can you offer to the customers on your dropshipping website?


You can offer as many products to your customers as you want.

The range of products depends on the type of store you are setting, for example if it is a niche store you can only put products that come in the niche.


You can start with a few products when you set up your dropshipping business and add more products once you start selling.


19. Is it important to have a niche for dropshipping website?

You can set up a niche dropshipping business or you can build a general dropshipping store, the decision is yours.



Both kinds of businesses have pros and cons but the decision depends on what you are comfortable with.

Figure 9: Selection of niche for website


20. How fast is the product delivered if you buy from a dropshipping website?

The delivery time depends on the country where the order is being shipped.

Figure 10: Delivery time depends on destination

Wefullfill delivers to United Kingdom in 5-9 business days as compared to Australia where delivery time is 8-12 business days.


21. Are there delivery charges if you use dropshipping websites?

Some dropshipping websites provide free shipping and some charge separately for shipping.

The shipping cost can also vary from place to place.

Figure 11: Shipment cost

For example, shipment through Wefullfill is free to Germany and France but in the case of New Zealand and Japan they have different shipping costs.

Therefore, you have to ask the dropshipper about their shipment charges.


22.     How can you promote your dropshipping website?

You can adopt several ways to promote your dropshipping website such as,

  1. Running Facebook and Instagram ads
  2. Creating SEO websites for Google so your articles and website can rank on Google
  3. Making YouTube videos showing your products
  4. Contacting influencers to encourage their followers to buy from you
  5. Adding customer reviews and ratings to your website


Figure 12: Promotion of website


23. How can you design the best dropshipping website to attract more customers?


Attracting new customers is particularly important to improve your business.

You can take care of this by creating a website that brings customers to your store.

  1. Provide better user experience by creating a responsive website.
  2. It should be fast as customers do not wait too long.
  3. Use more videos and pictures to display your products and services.
  4. Try to get your website optimized, SEO websites are easily reached by customers.


  1. Provide your customers with an option to call and consult with you if they have any confusion.
  2. Keep your website simple and easy to use.
  3. Keep updating your website frequently and mention which products are available and which are out of stock.

Figure 13: Designing dropshipping website


24. How long does it take to get sales on your dropshipping website?


Getting the first sale on your dropshipping website can take a few days or even months.

Getting your first sale also depends on the product you choose for your store.

If you have winning product that have high demand in the market, it can lead to be a success.

You can get fast sales by improving your marketing strategy.


25. Do you need to get a sales tax ID before setting up dropshipping website?

You need to get a sales tax ID if you are a US resident buying from US based suppliers.

Figure 14: Sales tax for dropshipping

This is important because the government will be aware that you are running a business and you will not have to pay a sales tax on the products.


26. Is a dropshipping website enough for customers or do you need to interact with them?

Most dropshipping websites have everything the customers could need, on the wall.

But websites also give email IDs and contact information in case you have any confusion.


27. Do you need a degree in marketing to run a dropshipping website?

You do not need a degree in marketing for a successful dropshipping business.



You can learn marketing strategies with time by reading about them or watching relevant videos.

Its not very complex but a professional can do better, so it is better to hire marketing agency for proper marketing plan for your website.


28. What services do dropshipping websites provide?


Dropshipping websites provide you with the benefit of offering a wide range of products to your customers.

You do not have to worry about the shipping of orders, the suppliers take care of that.

Figure 15: Dropshipping services

You do not have to worry about the storage or inventory.


29. Do you need to buy the products for your dropshipping website before you sell them?

No, you only pay the suppliers once you have received payment from the customer.

The good thing about this business model is that you don’t have to worry about storing inventory in warehouse.

Figure 16: Customer pays before you pay to supplier


There are many US-based suppliers that you can contact for your dropshipping business such as,

  • Sunrise Wholesale
  • BryBelly
  • National Dropshippers
  • ASI Partner
  • TeleDynamics

Wefullfill also offers services for US.


31. Do dropshipping websites have all the niches?


A dropshipping website can either offer general products or a specific niche.


These niches can be chosen by researching the latest trends.


32. How many niches are available on Wefullfill dropshipping website?


Wefullfill offers some niches or categories of products on its website including,

  • Home and Garden
  • Home Improvement
  • Computer and Office
  • Car Electronics
  • Consumer Electronic
  • Health and Personal Care
  • Mobile Accessories

Figure 17: Products on Wefullfill


33. Are there any winning products on dropshipping websites?


Yes, dropshipping websites have winning products or best-selling products on their platform.

Dropshippers keep these items to attract more customers and to improve their sales.

34. How are dropshipping websites integrated with e-commerce platforms?


You can integrate your dropshipping website with an Ecommerce business but you have to decide if you want to go with a hosted platform or a self-hosted platform.


35. Does Wefullfill dropshipping website provide worldwide shipping?


Wefullfill dropshipping websites has many destinations where they deliver orders.

The destinations include UK, USA, Russia, Malaysia, Singapore, UAE and many more countries.

The shipping costs vary from country to country.


36. Which dropshipping website should you choose to sell on Amazon?

You can choose any dropshipping website to sell on Amazon from the following:

  1. WeFullFill
  2. AliExpress
  3. Salehoo

There are many other dropshipping websites available online which offers the winning products.

Whereas Wefullfill dropshipping provides best electronic and every day used winning products for dropshipping business.

37. How can you choose the best dropshipping website for shopify?

You can integrate WefullFill or any dropshipping website with Shopify and import the products.


You have to do thorough research on internet for finding the best supplier.


38. Can Wefullfill be used to sell on eBay?

Yes, Wefullfill provides dropshipping services for all E-commerce platforms.


39. How can you connect with shopify store with Wefullfill dropshipping website?

You can connect with Shopify easily once you sign up with Wefullfill.

You can connect to the store by choosing your store domain.

You can also add and delete multiple stores.


40. Is a tracking order facility available at Wefullfill dropshipping website?

Yes, Wefullfill gives a tracking ID once you place your order that helps you track the order details.


41. How fast does Wefullfill dropshipping website deliver products?

The delivery time varies from country to country on Wefullfill dropshipping website.


Figure 18: Wefullfill delivery time

For some countries it takes 6-12 business days to deliver orders whereas for other countries it is takes more or even less time.

42. Is shipping free through Wefullfill dropshipping website?


Wefullfill offers free shipping to over 24 countries but for the other countries, delivery charges apply.

The shipping cost is reasonable and varies for different countries.


43. Wefullfill dropshipping website ships to which countries?

Wefullfill is partners with more than 300 global carriers and ensures fast delivery with economical shipping charges.


Figure 19: Shipments to various countries


44. How is Wefullfill dropshipping website better than other dropshipping businesses?

Wefullfill have winning products on the its store of every kind.

It allows you to ship freely to around 24 countries and cost-effective shipping to other countries.

You can order from Wefullfill in bulk with just one click.

The website is user friendly and is updated and restocked regularly.

Wefullfill smart app runs on automation which take care of everything



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