How to Track Package from China: A Complete Guide

How to Track Package from China: A Complete Guide

February 2, 2023

Shipping is one of the main concerns for drop shippers. The right shipping company can help you retain customers. At the same time, the wrong choice may ruin your business. Opt for a company that allows package tracking. It allows you to find the current location of your package anytime. You may be sitting anywhere in the world. But that tracking number is enough to track package from China.

You can compare the tracking of different shipping companies. You can use the tracking number from China to locate your packages. The tracking number lets you find your package’s location through the official website. But, the method of tracking might differ a little. You can visit the company’s website for local and international packages.

Tracking Numbers

Before we tell you how to track package from China, let us tell you about tracking numbers.

Tracking numbers are a combination of alphabets and digits. Every package has a unique combination of different digits and letters. They act as an identity for your package. This specific number provides you with information about your parcel.

Tracking numbers comprise 8 to 40 characters. They could be numbers or letters. The characters may or may not have spaces or hyphens between them.

A few well-known shipping providers with their tracking number details are listed below.

Small Packet from China Post

There are 11 numbers in a China Post package number. It delivers the China Post packages within 30 to 40 working days, excluding holidays.

Airmail from China Post

It consists of the RR and nine numbers that begin with CN. The delivery time of AirMail is between 30 and 40 business days.

China Post EMS

The nine-digit China EMS code begins with RR and ends with CN. It has the LT and nine numbers with the CN for some parcels. It’s easy to follow China Post EMS on their website. Parcels through China Post EMS take 7 to 15 business days for shipping.

Hong Kong Post

The tracking number from China’s Hong Kong post starts with RR with nine numbers and HK. The agreement between Hong Kong Post and the USPS provides faster deliveries. It helps ease delivery between HongKong, China, and the US.

How to Track Package from China?

Are you having trouble deciding which method to use to track packages from China? Yes, there are many choices available.

Keep the following in mind when selecting the tracking method:

Logistic Tracking

Logistic tracking provides shipments with more in-depth data. The assistance additionally provides details about where the bundle is. It also tells you if it is on the flight. It is one of the best services to track your China parcels.

Transportation tracking

It is also known as TMS (Transportation management system software). TMShelps you track packages from China by providing information about their movement. Shipment tracking apps are available for free to users.

Ease of Tracking

The shipment tracking procedure is largely automated. Each client needs a simple strategy, free of charge, to track packages. Tracking numbers are now offered by express as well as standard shipping companies. The status of the parcel can be easily observed immediately and for free.

Choosing Shipping Methods for Tracking

There are multiple shipping methods in China to choose from. Businesses choose a service that suits their needs best. But, choosing the right shipping company and method can be difficult. You can make it easy by considering a few factors. Keep the following in mind when picking a China shipping tracking company:

  • Calculate how quickly you want your package to be delivered. It will take between two and five weeks for the package to reach its destination if it is shipped via China Post Delivery. Other options might offer quicker options.
  • Consider the package weight and destination country. Your profit will be reduced because of the higher shipping costs associated with heavier items. Also, some companies do not allow large articles. Thus, checking the requirements before finalizing a shipping company is important.
  • The shipping cost is the most important and determining factor for e-commerce businesses. Therefore, save money by selecting the appropriate shipping method from China.

Here are a few strategies utilized by the Chinese Commercial centre to transport parcels.

Economy Express Service

One of the cheapest ways to ship packages is via economy express service. However, the disadvantage of Economy service is that it takes longer to arrive than express courier services (20-60 business days).

These are the few low-cost options for importing goods from China:

  • China Post
  • ePacket
  • Yanwen
  • China International EMS

Special Line

One of the quickest ways to ship goods from China is through Special Line. It sends the items via air within two to three weeks for international or local delivery.

The special line has the following options:

  • Yun Express
  • 4PX
  • UBI

Express mail service

China express services are more expensive than freight shipping. Following are some of the well-known economy express services:

  • DHL
  • FedEx
  • EMS
  • UPS
  • USPS Regional destination facility
  • Direct Xpress Mail Parcel

Useful Platforms to Track packages from China

17 Track

17 Track was established in 2010. It has already tracked more than 600 million packages worldwide. It helps more than 160 businesses and 220 countries. 17 Track is one of the most reliable tracking companies

17Track Advantages

Mobile Application

17 Track provides iOS and Android smartphone apps. Now, you can use your phones to monitor shipments. The application is user-friendly and easy.

Multiple Tracking

You can track up to 40 tracking numbers at once on the website, saving you the time to enter each number.

Excellent Service to Customers

It offers outstanding customer service. Users can contact them for any problem. They respond with a solution as the earliest.

Multiple languages

The 17 Track website supports multiple languages. You can use English and China to navigate the website. It also offers other regional languages.

Various Carriers

This website lets you track well-known carriers like YunExpress and China Post tracking. You can find China Post packages location on the website.

China Post

China Post is the only official and local courier postal service for China shipping tracking. One of the world’s best postal services was established in 1949. China Post provides postal remittance services and mailing solutions.You can locate the China Post tracking number on their official website. Enter the tracking number into the search bar on the website to track the China post package.

There are a variety of packages, including:

  • China Post Registered AirMail
  • China Post International Mail Delivery Services
  • China Post Tracking Unregistered Air Mail

China Post Office Tracking Advantages

Ease of Use

You can use the China Post Tracking API with ease. Entering the right number uncovers the data on your bundle’s objective nation, date, and status. The website is convenient to use.

Dependable Customer Service

If you have any issues using the service, contact China Post customer service. They respond soon with the right solution to your problems.

Secure and Dependable

You can track the parcels without any issue if you are a registered user on the website.

Yanwen Tracking

One of China’s best and most dependable third-party logistics services is Yanwen Tracking. The organization came to being in 1998 in Beijing.Yanwen’s tracking number is 13 digits long and ends with the letter YN. The letters are changed to CN once the items leave China.

Advantages of Using Yanwen Tracking

Fast Package Status

The Yanwen tracking website makes it possible for users to obtain information about the package. You can track the China post packageand estimate when it will arrive.


Yanwen tracking is a legitimate and safe tracking system forChina shipping tracking. Once you enter the tracking number, the status of your package will be shown.

4PX tracking

The 4PX Tracking Company focuses on express shipping. To keep track of the Chinese packages, go to the website and enter the tracking number. There are 13 digits, numbers, and letters in the tracking number.

Benefits of using 4PX tracking

Accurate shipping information

4PX tracking provides a dependable and accurate status of shipments coming from China. It is essential to provide customers with correct information to establish your company’s credibility.

Simple to use

You won’t have to waste time checking the status of the package. The tracking code shows the processing centre, destination, date, and arrival or departure status.

The Bottom Line

Tracking numbers are critical for drop shippers. They allow you to track package from China. You can check the status of your parcel anywhere, anytime. You must choose the right shipping company that offers tracking services. Many companies now offer tracking numbers. But, some shipping companies do not give correct tracking numbers. Make sure to pick the correct company with a tracking number from China. It helps you create trust and credibility infront of customers. It enables you to inform them of the expected delivery date. 17 Track is the best tracking service in China right now. You can also opt for others like China Post, Yanwen Tracking, and 4PX Tracking.


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