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Inventory Storage Service

We make deliveries incredibly easy for you by sending them directly from our warehouse. Get the products shipped to our warehouse in China by your supplier and leave the rest to us. We manage your inventory storage and ensure timely deliveries.

How Wefulfil Help Boost Your Dropshipping Business with Our Inventory Storage Service?

White Label vs Private label

White Label

Forever Free plan you dont need to pay in advanceForever Free plan you dont need to pay in advance Forever Free plan you dont need to pay in advanceForever Free plan you dont need to pay in advance

Private Label

Forever Free plan you dont need to pay in advanceForever Free plan you dont need to pay in advance Forever Free plan you dont need to pay in advanceForever Free plan you dont need to pay in advance


60-Day FREE Trial

Storage and dropshipping are no more costly when Wefulfil offers 60-day free storage of your stock.

Efficient Inventory Management

We use the latest inventory storage methods and techniques to increase transparency.

Trained QC Staff

Our quality control staff is at your service when your stock needs a QC check.

Customised Labeling

Choose from a wide variety of customised packaging and labelling options

  • Logo on the packaging box
  • Logo on mailing box
  • Mailer bag with logo
  • Personalised logos on products
  • Velvet bag having your logo
  • Customised thank you cards

100% Safe Packaging and Shipping

Wefulfil packages the products in premium-quality materials like bubble mail order bags and corrugated mail order boxes.

Complete Delivery Control

  1. Shipping Notification
    • Late-dispatch reminder over 72 hours
    • Late delivery alert
    • Alert tags for “Pick up,” “Late,” and “7-day no scan”
  2. Visible Tracking
  • Preorder
  1. Refund Policy
    • 30% refund on 7 working days overdue
    • 100% refund on 10 working days overdue

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Frequently Asked Questions

Inventory storage services refer to companies that manage your inventory for you to provide ease of operation. They take care of input products, products delivered and enough stock for the coming days. Some may also offer product sourcing.

Dropshipping inventory can be fruitful if you run a dropshipping business. Taking help from an inventory storage service saves you from the hassle of monitoring incoming and outgoing products. They also make sure that they have enough stock.

Absolutely! Inventory storage services are legal, and you can utilise these services for your business. Though, make sure to findhigh quality dropshipping suppliersthat offer the best services (PS: we are at your disposal anytime!)

Dropshipping quality products can be challenging when you step into the business. Product research is indispensable to offering high-quality products to customers. Study competitor products, social shopping websites and social media such as Tiktok.

Inventory storage services help you save costs on fuel by ensuring you have enough stock at hand, clearing previous items before newproduct sourcing and maintaining the availability of best-selling items. You also do not have to worry about the in and out of products when you hire an inventory service for your business.

Advantages of Using Inventory Storage Service

Inventory storage services, also known as storage and shipping services, are a life-saver if you run multiple businesses at once. They take your worries away and enable you to focus on other aspects of the business, such as scaling strategies and customer service.

Taking such services can be immensely beneficial for your business. Here are some of the advantages of using an inventory storage service:

  • You do not have to worry about bulk drop shipping when utilising a service for your inventory management. They make sure to inform you of the need for products so you can replenish them from your vendor.
  • Inventory services typically use the first in, first out approach when shipping orders on your behalf. It saves you from damaged pieces as the old ones go out in time.
  • A more organised warehouse ensures dropshipping quality products on time, leading to a better customer experience.
  • As an inventory stock service, Wefulfil helps you save costs by avoiding frequent shipping to the warehouse. We do so by keeping enough stock until we ask for the next.
  • When you do not need to put all your effort and time into organising the number of products in the warehouse, there’s a lot more you can get done!

Why Wefulfil is the Best High quality Dropshipping Suppliers?

While there are so many bulk drop shipping and management options, you cannot trust any of them blindly. You must carry out thorough research to be sure about your choice of supplier, manager and dropshipper.

Wefulfil is the trusted name of many businesses, and we take pride in being one of the best dropshipping companies in Australia. We keep your products in safe spaces, organised in the china warehouse, before dispatching them.

Let us tell you how Wefulfil is the best high-quality dropshipping supplier.

Wefulfil ensures inventory accuracy by using the latest technology inventory management systems. Being tech-savvy is inevitable today, and we believe in movingforward with changing times.

Our inventory management accuracy enables us to keep an eye on the incoming and outgoing items in time for the customer.

We offer unparalleled drop shipping inventory management services globally. You may just send your products to our warehouse and enjoy the positive reviews on your website.

Our focus is not today; we believe in looking to the next leap. We lessen your burden to help you focus on expanding your business. You can also trust us for sourcing your wishlist and selling winning products.

How Storage and Shipping Services Benefit your Business?

We understand it is not a widely discussed aspect of dropshipping, like the product’s availability. Yet, dropshipping inventory is of immense importance. Without high quality dropshipping suppliers, you will be unable to provide premium-quality products to your buyers.

One of the most prominent benefits of a storage and shipping service is how it eliminates the need to keep goods at your end. You can just send the items to the dropshipping inventory, and they store them there properly.

Keeping the inventory at a professional warehouse service can protect your goods from damage and theft. These stores are equipped with robust security systems that ensure proper security and protection.

Besides safety from theft, your items are also safe from elements like rain and fire better at our china warehouse. Storage and shipping services protect your products from such disasters better.

Streamlined worry-less service is another benefit of such services that makes you connect to warehousing services like Wefulfil at once. You do not constantly have to worry about solid packaging, labelling or delivery.

Storage services provide logistical support by working more efficiently than a place running multiple businesses. They have dedicated teams that work their best to provide the best service to you and your customers.

Inventory Dropshipping Quality Products

If you are not taking the services of a storage and shipping company to scale your business, you may be missing out majorly!

Inventory management goes hand in hand with dropshipping and may be quite advantageous for your business. You may do so by keeping the inventory or taking help from a storage inventory to prevent the hassle. Here’s how storage and shipping serviceshelp you with inventory dropshipping quality products.

The most important part of managing a quality product inventory is to source the best product. You have to go through your competitors and search for products online. It can vary from popular products on social media to products your competitors sell.

Moreover, it is critical to find the best vendors once you have decided on the products. Remember that a product is available in many quality variants, and your vendor may give you a low-quality product at a higher price. So, make sure to get in touch with a suitable vendor with a reputation in the market.

If you take help from a dropshipping service in Australia like Wefulfil, we make sure to pack and dispatch your product with utmost care. It increases people’s trust in you, and they make more purchases.

Source your Stock Dropshipping

Dropshipping has become a widely spread business stream as it is easy to operate and manage with so many dropshipping services. Now, it works in various models including direct dropshipping where your vendors send the products to the customers. Yet, sometimes, the vendors do not commit to sending to the buyers directly.

Thus, people use drop shipping inventory management services that keep the inventory for them and ship the orders when needed. This way, you do not have to let go of a trustworthy vendor because they only offer bulk shipping services.

Sourcing your stock is immensely necessary for dropshipping. Maintaining an extensive inventory cannot save you if you do not have good quality products. You can find a trustworthy vendor by keeping an eye on others in the business. Or do further research to find a diamond (vendor) that no one knows of.

How are We the Best China Warehouse in Australia?

Wefulfil is a name well-known for its service and customer satisfaction. We provide the best facility to our clients, and maintaining your inventory properly managed is one of the main tasks. Our china warehouse has all the characteristics that make a warehouse suitable for keeping a large number of goods safe.

Our warehouses have extra space storage to keep your items in good shape and save them from dumping over each other. It also prevents scratches and marks on the items while picking up another. We make sure that all the products are placed at a safe distance in appropriate spaces.

We believe in adequately securing warehouses to save the inventory from theft or loss. Our warehouses have security systems that ensure all goods are safe. Additionally, our spaces have safety alarms and fire extinguishers around the facility. We also work on strategies to protect the materials and products from damage due to rain or excessive sunlight (as per product instructions).

We consider emergency protocols in case of human errors. Our specialised team is ready to fight any issue and propose appropriate inventory storage solutions. We make sure to store and ship your products in the best manner.

Can I Start a Dropshipping Business Without Inventory Storage?

Yes! The best part about a dropshipping business is that you do not need to buy everything together. Most firms working on the dropshipping model do not keep an inventory and ship directly to the client. The companies have fixed vendors who deliver the products to the customers without selling them to them first.

It saves the company from the additional cost of renting a warehouse, delivery costs to the other country and other added costs. However, sometimes, managing multiple businesses may be tough. It is better to opt for storage and shipping services in such situations. The vendors send the product to the shipping company in bulk. The dropshipping company, such as Wefulfil, sends the orders to the required addresses.

It is a common practice that helps businesses reduce the burden of thinking about inventory. The companies only stay in touch with the dropshipping business to see how well they are doing. Besides that, you do not have to worry about anything.

Dropshipping companies in Australia that also offer storage services keep your products safe, manage the inventory and ship your orders after proper packaging.

What else do you need!

How Much Will Inventory Storage Cost You?

Inventory can be a little expensive if you add in the rent and operational costs. Warehouses around the world cost differently for their space. Some may charge you overall for the area as a fixed rent while others have a rent per square foot space.

However, the need for a storage area cannot be overlooked considering how much you invest into buying the products. Wefulfil is an excellent choice of storage and shipping service. Let’s first tell you how much warehouses cost on average.

Warehouses in China are around $0.85 per square foot, along with an additional $0.25 operating expense. Thus, you will have to pay approximately $1.10 per square foot for a china warehouse. The cost for inventory storage in a prime location may cost more.

Alternatively, warehouses in Australia do not take charges per square foot. You can find a small warehouse for around $100 per month and a larger unit for $390 – $400 per month. These costs are exclusive of the bills, employee costs and other miscellaneous expenses.

Maintaining the cost of a warehouse can be quite expensive whether you rent one in Australia or China. Wefulfil offers 60-day free inventory storage for your stock; you may continue further if you like our services.