Product Sourcing services

Product sourcing is a vital pillar of your business success

Product sourcing is an essential pillar to your business success. You got this. Are you fed up with unreliable suppliers? Are you tired of all the hard work? Try Product Sourcing Service with Wefulfil.

Having Issue Dealing with Chinese Factories?

Many People Who Want To Start An Import Business Often Do Not Take The First Step Because They Are Afraid Of Having Problems With Chinese Suppliers From The Beginning. The Issues Are Usually Lack Of Motivation Of Suppliers, Substandard Quality, High Production Costs, Long Delivery Times, And Lack Of Quality Inspection. To Avoid All These Problems, Try WEFULFILL’s Product Sourcing.

Not Getting Profitable Dropshipping Cost Price?

One Piece Dropshipping

While many companies deal in bulk dropshipping as one piece dropshipping takes more time and effort, you can trust Wefulfil with our one piece orders. We go the extra mile to confirm all details with the customer, take in the item if it is not in the inventory and deliver it to the buyer. Our client base trusts our one piece dropshipping as much as they trust bulk orders.

Preorder Dropshipping

Connect to Wefulfil today to enable your customers to preorder products. Our inventory management solutions help source your wishlist along with preoders. Our quality and prompt service make us the top choice for dropshipping globally.

Process of product sourcing service


We work on each step of sourcing products vigilantly, and the first part is analysis. Wefulfil analyzes your business and your desired products to decide on suitable products that suit your needs. We also study your competitors to ensure that your store has all the high-demand products at competitive prices.


The next step of this detailed process is finding a trusted vendor with appropriate prices in your niche. Our sourcing team puts in their complete effort to shortlist vendors that fit the requirements. It includes comparing their prices, quality, delivery time, and reviews.


Once you give us the go-ahead regarding the products and vendors, we move to the next step and place orders. We track the delivery process just like you would and make sure that the product reaches us on time to ship to the customers.

Quality Inspection

High quality dropshipping product sourcing at Wefulfil is not complete until our quality control staff properly examines the products. They analyze each aspect of the product, ensuring they are in good shape. This makes sure that no faulty product reaches the customer.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Product sourcing is the process of buying goods from a supplier and then selling them to other people. Finding a manufacturer for custom products, buying third-party goods from a wholesale supplier, or working with a dropshipper are all common ways to find products.

Please send us any product ideas you would like to sell; we will offer a free sourcing service and help you get the best cost within 12 hours. You enjoy the hassle-free, reliable, and cost-effective dropshipping service by choosing us.

Product sourcing is finding companies that will make things for you. But it also means researching the right manufacturers, prices, costs, negotiating, and finding the best price for the products you want to sell.

Product Sourcing is not a scam or a waste of time. You will be able to sell goods and products again. WEFULFILL gives you reliable and easy-to-use dropshipping services that are of the highest quality.

To do product sourcing, analyze your business, research the market, contact suppliers, keep a track of quality, and keep your options open. Or to avoid this hassle, try WEFULFILL.

Here are the best and easiest ways to find products that will help you succeed:

  • Product Research is Key.
  • Get in touch with potential suppliers.
  • Ask for Samples.
  • Choose a supplier for a trial run.
  • Give your supplier an evaluation and then decide
  • Keep your options

Advantages of Using product sourcing with WeFulfill?

Using WEFULFILL’s services isn’t only about getting the work done with less effort on your part (though that’s a nice perk), but also about gaining access to knowledge and experience that will help you complete the job correctly and avoid wasting time and money. Source like a pro instead of like a novice.

It’s understandable if you think it would be too costly for your company to use WEFULFILL’s services. However, if your broker isn’t cutting costs for you, they’re not doing their job. First and foremost, a great sourcing agent should be an expert negotiator who can get advantageous terms on your behalf. They’ll be in tune with the market and able to tell whether prices are high or low (in which case you will probably be sacrificing quality).

Using WEFULFILL’s services also eliminates the risk of getting ripped off by substandard or fraudulent suppliers or manufacturers. WEFULFILL helps you navigate the business culture of the country you are looking to source from and ease the language gap that hinders your business. To put the cherry on the top, we enable you to arrange things like factory visits and quality control checks without having to fly around the world. We are your eyes and ears on the ground.

Why is WEFulfill the best product sourcing services supplier?

On WEFULFILL,You can research, identify, and use multiple suppliers to source the same product. On top of that, WEFULFILL makes it easy to keep an eye on each AliExpress supplier’s stock count. You can also set substitute suppliers on WEFULFILL if your primary supplier runs out of stock or stops supply.

The time you spend placing client orders may be reduced by up to 96.7 percent with the bulk ordering option of WEFULFILL. When using WEFULFILL, you may choose up to a hundred orders at once, make payments for those purchases, and place as many orders as you want.

A WEFULFILL tracking number is produced when a supplier packs an order. From the point of origination (often a warehouse) through the end of delivery (typically a customer’s front door), the order’s progress may be tracked in real-time, providing peace of mind for both you and your consumers.

With WEFULFILL, you can predefine your shipping options and make orders with suppliers in a flash once you get a client request. You may save time and money by customizing your shipping options based on factors like country, product, price, and expected delivery date.

The WEFULFILL automated pricing function allows you to establish product prices for imported products. For instance, you may add a set product margin or a % markup to the item’s base price. WEFULFILL provides round-the-clock customer service through Facebook Messenger and email. Therefore, you may count on assistance anytime you need it.

How does sourcing products benefit your business?

Typically, it may be difficult for international brand owners to acquire exceptional items locally, so it can be considerably more advantageous to seek out international suppliers. If you’re a brand owner, retailer, or distributor who’s having trouble finding the correct products for your domestic market, read on to see why you might profit from doing business with an international manufacturer.

Innovation is a significant advantage of getting goods from suppliers, since it may be difficult for local producers to supply specific taste profiles or acquire certain components. And if you’re seeking a private label solution, product providers will be advantageous to you as well! By acquiring items from a supplier that innovates and remains abreast of industry trends, you may gain a competitive edge by introducing something fresh to the market. Maintaining a favorable cost-to-quality ratio is essential for global companies, and collaborating with an international supplier may be quite helpful in this regard.

If you find the appropriate supplier for your requirements at the right price, you may be able to negotiate duties and taxes that are reasonable. International sourcing of products may attract cheap tariffs and taxes if done appropriately, making it a desirable cost-cutting measure.

By sourcing your items from farther afield, you will not only get financial and competitive advantages, but you will also acquire new skills that will assist your firm in the long term. You’ll strengthen your cross-border communication and negotiating abilities, discover new supply chain possibilities you didn’t even know were feasible, and establish crucial international business contacts.

Product sourcing services

Product sourcing refers to the locating items of high quality that can be purchased at competitive costs from reliable vendors. Within this process, there are several various steps, such as studying the product that will be purchased, calculating the price and cost of the goods, and then engaging in negotiation with the suppliers to get the best possible deal. Finding the most satisfactory goods at prices that are acceptable enough to allow for a clear profit margin is the ultimate objective of product sourcing. This requires locating the greatest items from the best suppliers at prices that are fair enough.

The process of procuring materials may seem straightforward, but in reality, it may be a minefield filled with unreliable vendors, hidden charges, and products that are either misrepresented or of poor quality. To maintain a competitive advantage over your rivals, it is essential to invest the necessary time and effort into learning efficient product sourcingprocedures to maximize the potential profit you may make from each sale. One approach to make this process much more efficient is by reaching out to a product sourcing agency and relying on their knowledge of various suppliers and niches. This can be done by contacting them.

Try out WEFULFILL if you need a product sourcing solution that is reliable, fast, and hassle-free.

Source Your Wishlist

If you have been considering opening an online shop, you have probably already given some thought to potential business strategies, such as capitalizing on the growing popularity of one of the many existing items that are in high demand. But presumably, you still have questions.

Where can I search for a manufacturer or supplier that can make or provide my product idea? Is it preferable to deal with manufacturers located near me or those located overseas? How can I determine whether or not a manufacturer is reputable?

When it comes time to source things, many aspiring entrepreneurs realize that they are at a loss. The availability of high-quality goods might be difficult to come by, regardless of whether you want to manufacture anything on your own or search for wholesale sources to buy.

WeFulfill can be your dedicated sourcing team.  Just put any of your ideas with WeFulfill drop shipping. You will hear from us within 24 hours for all your request.

Alright, let’s summarize it. Let’s say you have an idea(s) or a product(s) in your mind. It is a wish list. So, let us source your wishlist.

How Are We the Best product sourcing?

Wefulfil can be your dedicated sourcing team.  Just put any of your ideas with Wefulfil dropshipping. You will hear from us within 24 hours for all your request. If you do not set any stock with us for your wishlist products, you can choose the One-PieceDropshipping term which you can try first without worrying too much about the cost. Then get back to Wefulfil for asking a better price to expand your sales. If you would like better pricing for a certain product which you already have great deals or are confident with sales, you can try Small Quantity of Pre-Order Dropshipping with us to get an up to 10% off Dropshipping Cost.

You do not have to bring the sample back before you start running the campaign. Wefulfil can help you shoot the Photos/videos accordingly till you think it is good to go. You do not have to bring the sample back before you start running the campaign. Wefulfil can help you shoot the Photos/videos accordingly till you think it is good to go.

Take a sample to confirm our service is exactly as what we described. Wefulfil also offersa $20 trial wallet credit for new subscribers with us to let you try before you go. You will need to give us a review on Shopify app/Trustpilot. Wefulfil Provide Late Dispatching Email Reminder for any order not dispatched over 72 hours. Wefulfil Provide Late Delivery Email Reminder for any overdue Orders. Wefulfil offers 7 days no Scan tag on the drop shipper’s Order Page. Wefulfil offersa Late but not delivered Tag on the drop shipper’s Order page. Wefulfil is offering a Waiting for Pick Up Tag.

Benefits of our product sourcing service

Most of the company owners around the industrialized world are now looking for proactive strategies to lessen the weight of their financial obligations. Emerging businesses have hurdles in the form of costs that are connected to labor, infrastructure, resources for raw materials, and overhead costs. As a consequence of this, an increasing number of people are looking to source their products from lucrative low-cost markets in underdeveloped countries. There is nothing novel about the technique of sourcing since it has been successful for a wide variety of enterprises for many decades. Despite this, many owners of businesses in the modern day are still reluctant to outsource essential manufacturing tasks to countries such as China, India, Vietnam, or Brazil. The following are the primary advantages of product sourcing:

  • Access to Highly Profitable Markets
  • Lowered Costs in Every Aspect
  • Increased Production Output
  • Favorable Long-Term Results
  • Advantages Over Key Competitors

How To Work with Wefulfil Product Sourcing

Branded E-commerce dropshipping items are essential to developing a distinct company for business owners who want more control over their brand and the creation of a product that is unlike existing market offers.

Because there is no physical inventory, there is no need to spend time stacking and storing things. Thus, it allows you to concentrate on company development and marketing instead of inventory management.

We can print your brand’s logo. You need your imagination and the smallest feasible budget to develop your brand. Your clients will be more likely to know you if you have a brand logo, and your future marketing strategy will also be more effective.

After your customer has placed an order, you need to make a single-click payment via Wefulfil, and we will ship the goods straight to them. We have a skilled product development team and tens of thousands of product providers, as well as a vast selection of best-selling and trendy items. In addition, our onboarding staff will assist you in swiftly and precisely locating the items you want to sell, and share product details with you. We only utilize premium shipping to you in the applicable region, and dropshipping delivery takes just 7 to 14 business days to reach your consumers.