16-pcs Full Sized Cone Shaped Makeup Brush Set for Liquid and Powder Makeup


Do you want to practice your make-up skills
and are in need of a set of essential makeup brushes? Then, this 16-pcs Cone
Shaped Makeup Brushes are just right for you. These are good quality makeup
brushes that can be used by both amateurs and professional makeup artists.  

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Product Description:

This Makeup brush set is comprised of 16
full-sized professional make-up brushes, for applying powder, foundation,
concealer, eyebrow product, highlighter, and eyeshadow. The brushes’ handle is
rainbow in color that is pleasing in the eyes and a delight when used.

The brush’s bristles are made of nylon wool,
a super-soft fiber that feels luxurious against the skin, with minimal shedding.
These brushes are made to maximize liquid or cream application. No fading and
no hair dropping, just solid quality.

Inspired by the colors of the rainbow, the
makeup brushes are mainly composed of three colors: pink, blue, and yellow, and
the connecting part adopts a gradual fusion to give the makeup artist a feeling
of the color.

The handle of the brush is conical, specially
made according to ergonomics, easy to hold, and easy to use. just for you to get
closer to the delicate makeup.

This makeup brush set’s overall effect is
totally dreamy as you might imagine. This is set is one of your makeup must-haves and a good gift idea for your mother, girlfriends, daughter, and others.


Product Specification:

Color: Rainbow

Material: High-end plastic handle, quality
mouth tube, nylon wool           

Size: 18*20*1.6

Weight: 118g

Functions: Make-up Brush Set


Package Inclusion:

1 * 16 pcs Makeup brush set

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