360 ° Rotary Head USB Rechargeable Quick Heating Long Lasting Eyelash Curling Device


Do you want to achieve doll-like eyes but
afraid of hurting yourself when using the traditional eyelash curlers? No more suffering
just to have beautiful eyes! These Automatic Eyelash Curlers need not to be
pressed onto your lashes just to curl them, instead, it uses heat to instantly
lift and curl your lashes to achieve the look that you want.

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Product Description:

Ditch your manual eyelash curler and try to
use this Quick Heating Long Lasting Eyelash Curler. This product prevents the
risk of hurting yourself from suddenly clipping of the lashes and eyelids. It
uses heat to curl each of your lashes and does not touch your eyelids.

The Quick Heating Long Lasting Eyelash
is very easy to use. It has a one-button control to turn the heated
eyelash curler on and off. First, it gently lifts the eyelashes, turning
inwards a little bit. Don’t move and apply pressure. It takes 4 to 5 seconds to
loosen. Then, heat and turn your eyelash tip inwards for 10 seconds and you
will get an amazing eyelash looking!

Better to apply mascara before using the
curler. The dual heating pad can be easily heated to a safe temperature,
instantly lifting and curling lashes in just a few seconds, helping you create
long-lasting, highly curled lashes.

The 360 ​​° Rotary Heated Eyelash Curler
has a 360-degree reversible, rotating comb that works to lengthen and lifts
lashes for either a natural or well-defined curl.

The Eyelash Curler
works in three levels. Low Temperature- it emits blue light; suitable for soft
eyelashes. Medium Temperature- emits yellow light; suitable for soft and short
eyelashes, and High Temperature- emits red light and it is suitable for hard eyelashes.
These heat levels can be changed to cater to different types of lashes.

The heating element is made of high-quality
materials that have high thermal conductivity, generating a lot of heat, low
temperature, and high temperature can be adjusted to meet different needs.
Better fit lashes arc, will not adhere to the excess mascara. The brush head
has a safety insulated tooth design, upper and lower eyelashes, and the left
and right corners are accessible. It does not touch the eyelids and completely
touches the eyelashes.

Pocket size, slim and lightweight. It can
be neatly slipped into a purse, bag, or makeup case quickly. Pretty handy on the
go and it is very handy to use, you can get your curler eyelash done in
seconds. It doesn’t damage your lashes. It also comes with a USB cable for charging,
no extra battery needed.



1. First use mascara, then use the eyelash

2. Heated Eyelash Curler do not rinse it
with water. Wipe it with a soft cloth after use.

3. Do not put the device into the water;

4. Do not put in a humid environment;

5. Do not attempt to disassemble the device
as it may cause irreparable damage;

6. Do not let children under the age of 14
use or play.


Product Specification:

Color: Black

Material: ABS

Size: 14.2*2.3*1.6cm

Weight: 35g

Functions: Eyelash curler

Usage Time: 24h

Battery Information: 280mAh



Package Inclusion:

1 * Eyelash Curler

1 * Charging Cable

1 * User Manual

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