Fascia Gun Deep Muscle Relaxation Massage Gun Electric Fitness Massager


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Product Descriptions:

– This massager effectively
reduces muscle stiffness and pain and helps increase blood flow.

– This massager has 6
different massage heads,
 you can choose the massage head depending on
the place that you are going to massage, bringing you a complete massage

* Air Compression Soft Head- used for the sensitive
muscle group and soft tissue relaxation.

* Big Round Head- Suitable for full-body
muscle massage and relaxation.

* Small Round Head- Suitable for full-body
muscle massage and relaxation.

* Flat Head- Suitable for massaging the
large flat muscle groups of the waist, back, and arm

* Bullet Head- Suitable for deep tissue,
such as acupuncture points, tendons, joints, palm; can be used for a maximum of
15 seconds.

* Spinal Head- Suitable for spinal

– This product has a 5-gears
speed adjustment
; you can increase up to higher speeds for larger and
stronger muscle groups.

1st gear: 1300 rpm- Good for awakening

2nd gear: 1800 rpm- For fascia

3rd gear: 2200 rpm- Good for beating
Lactic Acid

4th gear: 2700 rpm- Best for Deep

5th gear: 3300 rpm- As good as getting
a Professional Massage

– This massager is made with
intelligent technology; it is lightweight in design and produces low noise,
usually under 30db

– This massage gun is equipped
with 2500mAh built-in high energy lithium battery, enabling it to be used for
about 15 days with 20 mins of usage every day for a single full charge.

– This product produces
high-frequency vibration; it is suitable for muscle relief after strenuous
exercise, recovery after a sports injury, aids rehabilitation after operations,
and visibly reduces inflammation.

Product Specifications:

Working Hours: 6 hours

Battery Capacity: 2500mAh

Battery Type: High-Energy Lithium

Speed ​​Settings: 5-speed settings

Rated Input: 100 ~ 240V 50 / 60Hz

Rated Output: 18V / 1A

Vibration Amplitude: 12mm

Speed: 3300r/min

 Weight: 1.0kg

Colors: Ice Blue, Black, Silver


Package Inclusion:

1 x Massage Gun

6 x Massage Heads


Additional information

Weight2 kg

Gray Black, Ice Blue, Silver Black


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