Mini Electric Massage Gun Deep Muscle Massager for Pain Relief- USB Charging


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Product Features:

          Includes (4) different massage heads to be used
according to your needs. Effectively relieves sore muscles and muscle pain
reduces stiffness and improves blood circulation.

          Product has (4) speed settings, you can choose
according to your preference.

          Battery capacity is 2000mAh, lithium battery,
long-lasting battery life guaranteed.

        The product is suitable for muscle relief
after strenuous exercise, recovery after a sports injury, aid rehabilitation
after operations and visibly reduces inflammation.

          The product is small, compact, and powerful.
Though it is mini in size, it can compete with regular-sized products that
offer the same functions. The product is compact and handy; you can put it in
your pocket, no need to toss it in your bag after usage.

          Discreet- by using a customized DC brushless
motor, the noise of the product is kept to a minimum, which can basically be


Battery: 2000 mAh

Gear Position: 4

Massage Head: 4

Weight: 0.36kg

Noise: Less than 45db

Speed: 3200r/min

Power Supply mode: USB

Function: Vibration massage, relieves muscle

Motor: Brushless motor


          Massage gun is used to relieve muscle stiffness,
pain and soreness, aids in promoting lymphatic and blood circulation,
accelerates recovery after playing sports and contacting sports injuries. Helps
improve the overall health of the soft tissues in the body; prevent adhesions
between fascia and muscles which causes inflammations.

          The massager is equipped with (4) different
types of massage heads, allowing users to choose and relax different parts of
their bodies. This meets the requirements of ergonomics and different muscle
groups, making it practical in the long run.

          In addition to healing and relaxing muscles, it
can also relax rigid muscles and adapts to the shape of your body making it
suitable to treat backaches caused by prolonged sitting in the office. You can
choose the low-grade massage to wake up muscle vitality.

          The product is small in size, making it easy to
bring with you.  It can improve your blood circulation and relieve sore
muscles caused by exercise. It is equipped with a more durable, high quality
2000 mAh lithium powered battery. A fully charged battery can work for
approximately 16 hours and it can be charged quickly.

          Brushless customized motor, continuous power,
and low noise. Small bodies, high torque, speed up to 3200r/min, strong and
stable power, deep massage muscles.

Package inclusions:

1 Massage gun

4 Massage heads

1 USB Cable

1 Product Box

Additional information

Weight0.8 kg

Black, Green, Pink, Gray


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