Non-Contact Pet Poop Picker with Built-in Trash Bag Dispenser


Pick up after your pet’s mess easily and without fuss with
this pet poop picker. It has a portable and lightweight design. It also comes
with a lanyard so you can hang it on your wrist or on your bag. 

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Product Description:

The claw grabber pickup tool features a unique,
user-friendly mechanism with claws that allows you to scoop the dog waste and
bag it all in a single motion, without getting your hands dirty.

Not only can pick up dog poop faster and easier but this dog
poop scooper for the yard also has a built-in poop bag dispenser so you don’t have
to carry a separate bag roll with you any time you take your dog outside.

It features a compact design in the shape of a tube and
comes with a special lanyard that allows you to carry the scooper with ease. It
is ideal to use during walking, trips, hiking, shopping, or outdoor activities.

This dog poop scooper is made with high-quality, durable
materials. The claws are sturdy and stable, specially designed to scoop up the
waste with ease regardless of the surface.




Color: Blue  

Material: ABS

Size: 6.5*6.5*19cm

Weight: 208g

Function: Pet Supplies



Package Inclusion:

1 x Pet Poop Scooper

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