Percussion Therapy Massage Gun Electric Vibrating Massager- EU, UK, US Plug


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massager effectively reduces muscle stiffness and pain and helps increase blood

Helps increase the range of motion and improve the health of
your body’s soft tissues.

The massager has 9 different massage heads, you can choose the
massage head depending on the place that you are going to massage, bringing you
a complete professional massage experience. It has a custom soft massage
head that provides a comfortable massage experience while reducing bone damage.

This massage gun is made with
intelligent technology; it is lightweight in design and produces low noise,
usually under 55db, 70Hz high-frequency stimulation.

This percussion massager has 3-speed adjustable massage
settings that provide up to 3,200 hits per minute. It also has 3 gear indicators,
choose your gear according to the targeted muscle group that you want to
massage with.

1st Gear- 1800 rpm

2nd Gear- 2400 rpm

3rd Gear- 3200 rpm

massage gun is equipped with 2400mAh built-in high energy lithium battery, enabling
it to be used for about 7 days with 20 mins of usage every day or it can be
used continuously for 3 hours for a single full charge.


Fully charge
battery for up to six hours before first use.

-To charge, connect the DC end of the supplied 24V adapter
and plug the AC side cable into the wall outlet.

-The LED battery lights pulsate to show battery level and to
indicate active charging.

-Full charge is indicated when all LED lights are on

-Battery can be charged any time and at any battery level

-It is not recommended to completely deplete the battery to
the red LED level

-Average run-time is 2+ hours depending on speed level and
pressure applied



Color: Silver, Black

Charger: AC 110-240V 50 / 60Hz

Power supply: DC 24V

Battery Capacity: 2400mAh

Size: 25.2x24cm

Vibration frequency: 3200r / min

Gear Number: 6

Smart Type: intelligent timing 10min

Plugs: UK, EU, US


Package Inclusion:

1 x Massage Gun

9 x Massage Heads


Additional information

Weight3.1 kg

Black-US, Black-UK, Black-EU, Silver-US, Silver-UK, Silver-EU


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