Shipping Tips to Start Your Own Dropshipping Business

Shipping Tips to Start Your Own Dropshipping Business

March 2, 2023

The word dropshipping is a combination of two words – drop and shipping. You get an idea of how important shipping is for drop shipping.

Shipping is critical to dropshipping. The whole business model relies on the delivery or shipping service. You may have the best products. But, a bad shipping service can damage your dropshipping business.

So, you must ensure adequate shipping service to your customers. It is better to choose the best shipping service for dropshipping.Here are some shipping tips to help you start your own dropshipping business.

Ask about the Shipping Time

Most new drop shippers consider the shipping costs when looking for a shipping service. They forget about the shipping time. You can choose from various shipping companies offering different shipping times. When selecting the shipping service, you must take care of your customer’s needs. Pick a vendor that provides shipping time according to your choice.

Mention the Correct Shipping Time

Drop shippers often make the mistake of mentioning the wrong shipping time when thinking about how to start a shipping business. They do it to attract customers. It may work out if you have a shipping vendor that delivers immediately. Though, if you cannot provide what you promise, you might be in deep waters. Mentioning a fast delivery time may help increase customer acquisition. But, it is not helpful in customer retention. Your customer will believe that you do not come up to your words. Thus, it is important to mention what you can do. It gives you long-term customers.

Order From Your Vendor

You might wonder why you should order from your vendor when they can send it to the customer directly. Often shipping services promise you premium service when you talk to them. Yet, it might or might not be true. You can only check it by trying the shipping service yourself. It is one of the most useful shipping tips. Before you finalize a shipping service, order a few products from them at different times. It will enable you to see how their service is for shipping products. You can choose whether to continue with them or change the shipping service.

Ask for Reviews

Asking around is an important factor when choosing the right shipping service. You can get the best information through people who use that service. They will inform you of all the good and bad aspects of the service. For example, one service charges less but delivers late. Meanwhile, another company endorses quick shipping. Yet they do not send products on time. It is always good to know your vendor, shipping service, customer handling, etc., in detail. It allows you to understand what to expect from them. If you offer a long delivery time, you can get better rates. But if your customers ask for quick shipping, you might need to pay a little more.

Choose Local Shipping Services

The next on the list of shipping tips is to choose local shipping services. Many international shipping services work with regional shipping services. It fastens delivery and ensures the products reach the customers safely. You can choose such services that collaborate with local companies. But, as mentioned earlier, make sure to try the service yourself first before finalizing it. It will let you know if the companies collaborate well. Also, study their reputation to avoid being scammed or losing customers.

Flat Shipping Rates

Shipping rates play a major role when customers have to pay for shipping. Reports show that 48% of customers abandon their carts due to extra charges. These additional charges include shipping fees, other taxes, etc.Many online sellers also offer shipping charges according to the weight of the package. Sometimes, it might work, but mostly, it can be bad for your business. People might not place huge orders because of higher shipping rates. To avoid this, you can offer a flat shipping rate when you start your own drop shipping business.

Free Shipping

What’s better than flat shipping rates? Free shipping!

All customers love free shipping. A huge fraction of customer mentions that they buy from stores that offer free shipping. Surveys also show that many customers do not buy from a store with a delivery fee. Not having to pay delivery fees costs overall less on an item. Some buyers also mention that it allows them to buy more on the same budget.

You can offer free shipping on a particular amount of shipping products. For example, you may mention that all orders above $50 get free shipping. Yet, it depends on your customers and niche. You might be unable to offer free shipping when selling furniture. At the same time, people buying small jewellery pieces might not pay equal or more shipping charges.


Shipping is one of the essential aspects when you start your own drop shipping business. A bad shipping service can damage your customer base. People might buy from your store once, but you can only retain when through high-quality service. One of the most important shipping tips is asking for reviews. Ask other drop shippers about the shipping companies they use and their features. It will help you choose the best one according to your needs. Also, consider the expected delivery time and mention the correct duration in your store. You may also offer flat rates or free shipping to your customers on shipping products.


How do I make successful dropshipping?

When finding the answer to “how to start a shipping business,” it is important to know how to make it successful. A dropshipping business can be successful when you plan properly. Focus on selecting a niche and finding products. Market your store well to reach the most customers.Provide quality service to your customers to make them returning buyers.

How can a beginner start dropshipping?

Dropshipping is simple but needs proper attention to detail. Take help from a professional dropshipping agency to choose the right niche. Pick suitable products and add descriptions with images. Optimize your store and market it through social media. Take orders and fulfill them through your vendors.

What are good products to dropship?

Makeup and beauty are the top niche products when you start your own dropshipping business. You can also choose between dropshipping baby products and car accessories. Many stores sell home décor products and have made significant revenue. Electronics and smart appliances are also suitable choices nowadays.

shailesh is a Design Founder & Advisor, Berlin School of Creative Leadership Executive MBA participant, Zippie advisor, Wolt co-founder, and Nordic Rose stakeholder.

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