The Best 4 Shipping Solutions for your Dropshipping Business from China

The Best 4 Shipping Solutions for your Dropshipping Business from China

February 15, 2021


Why do you need the best shipping company for your dropshipping business?

Dropshipping business is not complete without a shipping company. If you have an eCommerce business you must sort out the shipping solutions. A good shipping service is important to make your customers come back. Therefore, the selection of the best shipping company is vital to the growth of your dropshipping business. Numerous shipping providers are present today that ship cross-border. All you need to do is to choose the one that suits your business the most.


Best shipping service providers in China


Ecommerce suppliers have several shipping options if they want to ship from China to other destinations. To decide the best from among them you need to be clear about the requirements of your dropshipping business.

You must consider the shipping time, shipping cost, and other details before making the decision. Here are four of the shipping solutions for your dropshipping business with details and services that they provide:

  1. UBI Smart Parcel
  2. YunExpress
  3. 4PX Express
  4. CNE Express


      UBI Smart Parcel

UBI Smart Parcel offers a number of services to dropshipping businesses. It fulfills the requirements of the suppliers so they can keep their customers satisfied.

UBI Smart Parcel aims to meet all the requirements of sellers. In this way, it provides a solution to every seller struggling to find a cost-efficient service for their business.


Figure 1: UBI Smart Parcel provides flexible options to meet the requirements of consumers

UBI Smart Parcel has been providing door to door fully tracked shipping service. This is made possible by using good post products in different countries. They also provide technical support and help reduce the cost of the whole process by outsourcing eTower systems.

Apart from this, the UBI Smart Parcel has flexible delivery options. Due to this, the different demands of the suppliers are accommodated providing them with a good shipping experience tailored to their requirements.


Services offered


China – Australia Service

UBI Smart Parcel launched the best service together with Australia Post. UBI Smart Parcel are the first in their industry to offer direct routes from China to Australia. The transit time is very reliable i.e., 4-8 days. As compared to other service providers, UBI Smart Parcel has less defect rate. Moreover, in 96% of the cases, the delivery is on time.

UBI Smart Parcel also helps its consumers by providing eParcel facility. The system is fully tracked and offers many extra benefits such as, the ability to handle oversized, overweight, and high-value products, perfect for your dropshipping business.

China – New Zealand service

This service is presented jointly by UBI Smart Parcel and New Zealand Post. They offer both fully tracked and semi tracked services. The good thing is that in both cases there is the same 5-8 days average transit time. The rate of on-time delivery is 96% which is quite impressive and reliable for a dropshipping business.

This service offers favorable charges according to the charge weight ratio and accepts oversized, overweight (30kg) and high-value products. In the case of small-sized parcels, the delivery can be made to the mailbox. This is to save the consumers time of going to a post office in case they are not home at the time of delivery.

China – Canada service

UBI and Canada Post have collaborated to provide the China- Canada service with a number of facilities. They provide a complete Address Book on the website. This enables the consumers to select the accurate address of where they want the parcel to be delivered. This is beneficial in several ways. Consequently, checkout time is reduced, transaction rate and delivery accuracy is increased and better dropshipping business experience is ensured.


Figure 2: Fully tracked UBI China to Canada service


China – Canada service provides numerous delivery optimization options. It has access to 6,300 post offices across Canada. Consumers can opt for self-pickup of parcels from the nearby Post office if they are not at home. Apart from this, you do not have to worry about damage to the parcel as it is secure in a temperature-controlled environment. This fully tracked service comes with flexible delivery options. The average delivery time is 6-8 days.

China – Russia Service

The China – Russia Service was presented by UBI and SPSR. It offers a fully tracked door to door service and the average transit time is 5-12 days. This service can be availed in two different forms, locker and courier service, according to the consumers requirements.

In the locker service, the parcel will be delivered to Lockers and Pick-up Points to over 2000 locations in Russia. Consumers can select the most convenient locker via SMS or Email. The maximum weight and side length of the parcel is 15kg and 60cm respectively.

Courier Service is the normal delivery to the customer’s door and is offered throughout Russia. Before delivery, calls are made to confirm the delivery time and three delivery attempts are made. A maximum 30kg weight and 120cm side length are catered.

MiniPak EU service

MiniPak EU is a new service launched by UBI & Bpost / Landmark which delivers to all 28 European Union countries. The transit time is 6 – 10 days. The service has no volume or weight measurements which lets sellers send bulky parcels. The service has a lower defect rate and ensures on-time-delivery 97% of cases which is quite favorable for a dropshipping business.

China – Mexico & Brazil Service

The China – Mexico & Brazil Service is launched by UBI & SingPost which is delivered to the door in the whole of Brazil and Mexico. The transit time is 13-21 days for Mexico and 13-24 working days for Brazil. For transparent logistics, it is a fully tracked service and offers competitive rates.

China – India Service

China – India Service is launched jointly by UBI Smart Parcel and DTDC. The transit time is 5-12 working days throughout India. Full-Tracked service is offered with maximum weight up to 30kg. The service provides an additional delivery options and returns service.

UBI best shipping for Australia

if you want to ship packages from China to Australia, UBI is the best shipping solution. This is due to a number of reasons like, the transit time is only 4-8 days. Apart from this, the China-Australia service of UBI has a rate of 96% on-time delivery with no defects. Eparcel is a very popular product in Australia and UBI successfully provides the facility for a much better customer experience.



YunExpress has grown to be the world’s top 10 international shipping providers for a dropshipping business. YunExpress takes care of everything including designing and managing logistics, hub warehouses, customs clearance, and delivery. YunExpress offers fast service for destinations like the USA, UK, France, Germany. This is made possible due to its dedicated DDP (delivered duty paid) shipping solution.


Services offered 

  • Parcel Direct DDP Clearance: All parcels are cleared in their B2C Clearance Hubs. The suppliers can guarantee zero tax collection to their customers.
  • Express Service: Reasonable processing, transit, and delivery times can be expected from their Hubs to global Consumers.
  • Low Cost: With YunExpress you experience an affordable service with no fuel surcharges or any extra fees.
  • Full Tracking: Tracking Updates at every step until the delivery help the customers.


Figure 3: Full tracking with YunExpress

  • Top Last-Mile Carriers: The Final Mile Delivery carriers that YunExpress works with are best in their respective destination.
  • If you are running an eCommerce business, YunExpress can help ensure that there are no unforeseen costs for your business, no consumer rejections, no delays in delivery due to clearance procedures, and no customer complaints.

Yun Express Estimated Delivery Time worldwide from China

  • There is no separate transit and delivery time. The estimated delivery time is the total transit time of your packages.
  • The estimated delivery time is the average of the data for the last six months and is computer generated.
  • The users can compare the estimated time and decide which courier service has the best efficiency. Apart from this, they will also be able to know when they should expect the parcel.
  • The estimated delivery time is only average and not the actual delivery time. It can actually be more or less than that.
  • The delivery times vary from destination to destination. For example, the estimated delivery time from China to Australia is 15.7 days. Whereas, it is 15.4 days for the USA and 18.3 days for Canada. You must know the accurate delivery time for a successful dropshipping business.

    YunExpress best shipping for the USA

    For your dropshipping business, shipping to the USA from China is made easier by YunExpress. The estimated delivery time is 15.4 days. The good thing is that it is just the average time. According to statistics, 68.4% of the time the delivery is made in 7-15 days. So, there is a very low percentage of late delivery.




        4PX Express

4PX Express provides services such as logistics, software, and consulting services. Thousands of merchants around the world rely on various 4PX services for a successful dropshipping business. 4PX is a top service providing company in China by revenues, orders processed, and overall scale in operations.

Over time, 4PX has been awarded a number of awards for exceptional services. 4PX is partners with e-commerce leaders such as Amazon, eBay, Alibaba, and many others

Services offered

The post-service provided by 4PX Express is 4PX Post-Link. Post-link is an innovative service provided by 4PX and utilizes the overseas resources of 4PX to ship parcels from China to the destination countries. The service runs smoothly from direct fly and later on the final mail delivery by local post service. Post-link provides three services:

  • Registered Mail
  • Ordinary Mail
  • Air Mail Parcel

Figure 4: 4PX provides tracking service

You can avail several benefits by choosing 4PX Post-Link. They ensure in-time delivery. The average time is 4-10 days working days. Apart from this, the service is trackable, reliable, and economical due to the low costs. 4PX Post-Link is a customer-oriented service.

4PX best shipping for the UK

For shipping packages to the UK from China, 4PX is the best solution for your dropshipping business. The estimated delivery time is 9.2 days with 48.8% shipments in 0-7 days and 45.7% in 7-15 days.



      CNE Express

CNE was founded in 2003 and is a professional logistics company that has a highly experienced team. CNE has all the facilities that make it a professional company including an advanced communication system, automatic office equipment and the requires warehouse machinery. They provide the consumers with their special requirements, to make sure they excel at the dropshipping business. CNE saves time, money, and energy for its consumers.

Ecommerce sellers can succeed by just finishing the business on the internet and leaving the rest to CNE. CNE keeps introducing new products for improvising. CNE has been introducing new lines and aims to expand the business. They focus on the benefit of each consumer and have a lot to offer with sincerity and credit.

Services offered

CNE Global Register utilizes several high-quality postal services and has the best quality traceable lines. CNE has reached 232 countries around the globe and wishes to expand.


1.China Post Registered Packet

CNE introduced a product named Shanghai registered parcel. This service is an international express that works under China Post Group. Around 231 countries and locations around the world are covered in this service. You can register for products to track online. The service is tailor-made for general cargo. The parcel can weigh no more than 2kg and the size limit is such that one side ≤60cm and the sum of three sides ≤90cm.


2.CNE Global Express

CNE Global Express is another mail product developed by CNE and covering 231 countries. It selects the best route for parcels by working with Royal Mail, Spain Post, Estonia Post, Austria Post, Swiss Post, and other postal services. The parcel will be delivered in 6-12 working days. The parcel can weigh no more than 2kg and the size limit is such that one side ≤60cm and the sum of three sides ≤90cm.

Figure 5: Cargo shipping, a cost-saving solution


3.International E-mail

The International E-Mail is covering 39 countries and regions in Europe, the Middle East, North America, Southeast Asia, etc. the service can be tracked online. General cargo is a good attribute of the product. The packaging limits of weight and size are similar to previous products.


CNE best for EU market

Not only does CNE ship to Europe but also has a line there. With all the numerous services CNE provides, it is the best for your dropshipping business in European Union countries.


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