The Best And Worst AliExpress Products To Dropship

The Best And Worst AliExpress Products To Dropship

February 2, 2023

“What are the best products to dropship?” is the most common question among drop shippers.

Choosing the niche is the most important part of dropshipping. But selecting the right AliExpress products is essential to your store’s growth. Choosing the right product becomes easy when you keep a few features in mind.

Let’s have a quick look at the best and worst AliExpress products for your dropshipping store.

Best AliExpress Products to Dropship

Women Dresses

Women are always considered to be more interested in buying than men. And the online shopping statistics show nothing different. According to Review42, 72% of women shop online compared to 68% of men. Most women are interested in clothes, shoes, bags, and household accessories.

Thus, women’s clothing is one of the most successful dropshipping niches. You can opt for different types of clothes for your store or pick a specific niche. The demand for online winter women’s dresses is also quite high. Find out what other sellers around you are offering and add products. Women’s apparel can be the top AliExpress products for your store.

Makeup and Skincare

Besides clothes, makeup and skincare are the highest-selling niches in women’s shopping. With changing trends, men are also investing in makeup and skincare. Thus, the number of buyers has also increased in beauty products. Amazon and AliExpress have various skincare and beauty products for men and women. You can find something for normal, dry, or oily skin.

The best-selling products in beauty products include serums, makeup brushes, and sheet masks. Ordinary, Maybelline, and Loreal are among the best-selling brands today. Yet, pick the right products between the best and worst Ordinary products.

Ring Light

TikTok has around 1 billion, active monthly users. And do you know what the most important accessory for TikTok content creators is?

You guessed it right – ring lights.

Dropshippers experienced a hike in ring light sales in the past few years. They provide clear, close light to content creators regardless of their surroundings. You can attach the ring light to the tripod to offer bright light to the mobile camera. They contribute to recording high-quality, clear videos for Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and YouTube. Ring lights come in different qualities and sizes and offer a wide variety to choose from.

Couple of T-Shirts and Sweatshirts

The trend of matching shirts and sweatshirts in couples has become quite trendy. It has made couple of shirts among the best products on AliExpress. Many men and women buy matching t-shirts and sweatshirts to celebrate different occasions. It is a sweet way to express their love for each other. They are also an excellent gift of choice for a vacation as well. Young couples love flaunting their love, and this is the best way to do so.

You may also offer customization services for a couple of t-shirts and sweatshirts. It will direct more customers to you who want something special on their t-shirts. These matching yet unique t-shirts have taken online shopping by storm. They can be your star product as well.

Baby Carriers

Baby carriers are among the top-selling baby products. They provide easy movement to the parents while carrying the baby. The baby also feels comforted in the carrier. Different manufacturers have introduced unique designs of baby carriers for improved support. Find the best ones with good reviews and add them to your store.

Baby carriers are among the top-selling baby products. They have become popular as they provide easy movement to the parents while carrying the baby. The baby also feels comforted in the carrier. Different manufacturers have introduced unique designs of baby carriers for improved support. Find the best ones with good reviews and add them to your store.

Baby Monitor

Baby monitors are another high-demand product among millennial parents. They have become a necessity due to high daycare charges. Many parents prefer leaving their children at home with a family member or a nanny. Baby monitors help keep an eye on the househelp at the job. Parents can see what their children do throughout the day using baby monitors. Connect the baby monitor to your phone or tablet and access it every minute from anywhere. They are among the best AliExpress products, which can be quite profitable.

Drawing Tablets

Artists are always looking for advanced technology. And drawing tablets have proved to change the way artists work. The drawings have moved from paper and pen to drawing tablet and stylus.

They have grown in demand due to increased usage in the creative fields. You can find different brands like iPad, Wacom, XP-Pen, and Huion. The difference in brands allows you to cater to people with numerous price options. Get drawing tablets for as less as $18 to as much as $406.

Car Accessories

While we say that women buy online more, an increase in male buyers has been observed in the past year. Car accessories and electronics are the most popular AliExpress dropshipping products among them. Hundreds of online sellers are meeting the high demand. They offer these products at the doorstep.

Whether the buyer wants to buy mats for their car or bumper stickers, they can get everything online. You can also provide car accessories to a large market segment to increase sales.

Gaming Chair

The gaming industry has seen a peak in the past years because of the pandemic. Many people have taken gaming as their career. Thus, the demand for gaming accessories has increased.

Gaming chairs are one of the gaming accessories that people are willing to spend a high amount on. Buyers are willing to pay more if they get a high-quality, comfortable gaming chair to play games for long hours. The increasing number of gamers makes it one of the best choices for product dropship. See which chairs gamers prefer and find a reliable vendor to make good profits.

Phone Cases

Phone cases have become best-selling AliExpress products because of the wide variety. Buyers can find phone cases for almost all mobile phone models online. They are easy to ship and typically do not get damaged during shipping.

You can connect to vendors that supply phone covers for all models to attract a wide customer segment. Update pictures and follow recent phone cover trends to keep buyers engaged.

Ear Plugs

You might not have expected earplugs on this list. But they are among the best AliExpress products for dropshipping. They improve the quality of your life by allowing you to sleep peacefully even in noisy areas. Swimmers also use earplugs to keep water from entering the ears. They are not expensive. But, their tendency to get lost makes them repeat purchases. Thus, earplugs are considered one of the best options for online selling.

Earplugs are also quite inexpensive to source from suppliers. You can sell them at double the price you get them for. They might not be the star product. But they can be a good choice in the long run.

Scalp Massagers

Most drop shippers think that expensive products are better for their stores. But, less costly products can offer you high margins on selling more. Scalp massagers are one such top selling product. Online shoppers have been buying scalp massagers continuously since the internet discovered them.

Did you know that scalp massager sales broke many records on Black Friday 2020?

The need has not decreased so far. Depending on the quality, you can sell scalp massagers for between $3 and $10.

Now that we have discussed the best products on AliExpress, let us tell you there is more to it. While you can sell anything in dropshipping stores, some products are not the best choice. It could be due to various reasons like breakability, shipping issues, or custom problems. Keep reading to check the products you should avoid in dropshipping.

Worst Ali Express Products to Dropship

Glass Crockery

Glass products are not considered the best choice to send through couriers. The packages are stacked over each other during transport which may result in wear and tear. Thus, the chances of breakage increase when you dropship products from one country to another. Dropshipping agents and companies suggest opting for somewhat sturdy material to avoid damage. You can opt for plastic, steel, or any other non-breakable material.

Yet, this does not mean you should not drop ship glass items. They require extra care, but many drop shippers also sell glass items. So, it is better to talk to your supplier and ask if they can deliver glass crockery safely.

Fake/ Counterfeit Products

The most common issue with online shopping is fake products or counterfeit items. Many customers often complain that they received something different than what they ordered. There are multiple reasons to avoid selling counterfeit or fake products on dropshipping platforms.

  • You might get into trouble for selling a copied product.
  • You might not be able to promote them on social media.
  • Dropshipping counterfeit products may get you and your vendor into legal issues.
  • Selling counterfeit products while displaying them as the original can lead to negative reviews on your profile.
  • AliExpress does not allow selling branded products let apart fakes.

But you can send high-end products instead of opting for fakes or replicas. For example, you can get a license from the company to sell their products in your store. It might take some time to do so, as it is difficult for new drop shippers to get the license.


Furniture is one of the most profitable B2B businesses. But, most drop shippers avoid selling furniture in their stores. Thus, it is not considered among the best AliExpress dropshipping products.

One of the primary reasons for avoiding dropshipping furniture is the difficulty in shipment. Sometimes, the buyers also have to pay extra shipping charges. Yet, the furniture may reach them damaged. Or the real article may differ slightly from the pictures. As it is a comparatively bigger investment, people are disappointed if problems arise.

Most drop shippers avoid selling furniture for all these possible inconveniences.

Potentially Dangerous or Sharp Items

Many courier companies do not offer to ship sharp products as they may cause damage. But this is not the only reason for not selling sharp items. It may also cause issues at customs with the import officer. The import officer may detain the parcel containing a potentially dangerous item. It will also lead to the loss of other items in the package.

Make sure to find out the rules and regulations of the country you are sending to. If you are unsure about the import conditions of a particular product, it is better to avoid it. It is better to refrain from offering these AliExpress products to your customers in the first place.


Supplements are often considered somewhere in between the best and worst AliExpress products. Many drop shippers believe that supplements are among the top AliExpress products. Yet, most drop shippers avoid advertising and selling supplements.

The main reason is that you would not be able to market your product on Facebook. Facebook does not allow advertising products that make health claims. And you cannot sell supplements without mentioning how amazing they are for your health.

It is suggested to opt for other similar products like fitness accessories and equipment so you can advertise them on social media.

Water-proof Products

Users are usually willing to spend more on water-proof products than others. But, as they pay more, they expect you to provide them with high-quality items.

As most drop shippers do not check the items before adding them to the store, it might backfire. In case the product is not water-proof as advertised, the buyer may leave a bad review. Thus, experts do not consider water-proof products the best AliExpress dropshipping products.

Expensive Gifts

Expensive gifts are another product category that we must try to stay away from. When someone orders a gift for someone, they put their complete trust in you. They expect you to deliver high-quality products as their reputation is at stake. But, you cannot be sure if the product is high-quality as you do not see it. It does cause not only financial but also emotional damage to the customer. Avoiding these kinds of products is better than taking a risk.

Makeup or Skincare

You might wonder why makeup and skincare are on both the best and worst AliExpress products lists. They are a good product because they are in high demand. But selling makeup and skincare comes with a lot of responsibility. You have to be sure that you are selling high-quality products. Any skin reaction can cost you your reputation. And more than one complaint can be seriously harmful to your store.

Problems in shipment might also occur, leading to the breakage of glass bottles or makeup palettes. Customers will not be happy to receive broken products when they pay a good price. So, you can dropship makeup products but ensure the quality and shipping safety beforehand.

How to Choose the Best Dropshipping Products?


The most important element of the best AliExpress dropshipping products is their high demand. When you look for products to add to your e-commerce store, it is important to consider their demand. It allows you to choose that people look for more. Low-demand products will result in lower sales and require more advertising than high-demand products.

Reliable Suppliers

The next important factor is finding a reliable supplier with a good reputation in the market. Finding a dependable, reliable one is the most critical element of dropshipping. If your vendor does not send the right products to the customers, it will affect your store. You might lose existing as well as potential customers. So, make sure to research and select vendors with great care.

Better Profits

Dropshipping offers good profits overall if you choose a suitable mix of products. Some AliExpress products can be low profit, but others must have higher margins. Thus, experts suggest adding some trending products to your store for quick money. At the same time, evergreen products ensure a steady income. Keeping all low-profit products will make it difficult to scale your business.

Not Easily Available

Do you know which products sell the highest online? The ones you cannot find everywhere easily.

People usually order products online that they cannot find near them. It seems convenient to order it online instead of spending time to find that product in a shop. Keeping this aspect in mind can help you better understand the customer’s needs and supply accordingly.

High Upsell Potential

Typically dropshipping does not think of upselling when hunting and procuring products. Upselling means adding products as add-ons with other similar products. For example, if someone buys a hair straightener, a heat protection serum can be an upsell.

Products that upgrade soon or people buy new ones as soon as they release are also good for upselling potential. It keeps a constant influx of customers to your store.


Budget-friendliness is the next important characteristic of top AliExpress products. Understanding your potential buyers plays a major role in defining the budget. Some drop shippers sell luxury products, while others prefer evergreen products. It is recommended to opt for products that are functional but do not cost a lot. Remember that users are more likely to buy from the store offering the lowest price.

Easy to Ship

Besides the quality and budget attributes of the products, shipping plays a major role. Make sure to choose products that are easy to ship. As we mentioned above, furniture and glass products are not considered the best products for dropship. It is because of a higher risk of damage during delivery. Choosing easy-to-ship products is a more appropriate choice. It lets you ship your packages to the customers without worrying about damage to the items.

Cheap Delivery

The other factor in shipping is the cost of shipping. A large number of online buyers prefer cheap or free delivery. Due to the high competition in drop shipping, you should try to find a cheap delivery option. You can also offer free shipping to your customers if you find an economical delivery service. But, do not compromise on the service because of low charges. Shortlist a few and try them before you finalize any.


Dropshipping is a profitable business. But, it requires care in hunting and choosing products for your store. Some products are beneficial for your store, while a few may cause damage to your store. It could be due to many reasons like shipping issues, quality problems, or import laws in specific countries. Make sure to focus on the best products on AliExpress to attract and engage more customers. We hope this article helped you understand the best and worst AliExpress products. It will allow you to avoid potentially harmful products and avoid losing money or customers.


shailesh is a Design Founder & Advisor, Berlin School of Creative Leadership Executive MBA participant, Zippie advisor, Wolt co-founder, and Nordic Rose stakeholder.

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