The Best Dropshipping Chrome Extensions to Make Things Easier

The Best Dropshipping Chrome Extensions to Make Things Easier

December 28, 2022

Dropshipping is a popular business nowadays. But popularity also means an increase in competition. Dropshipping can be hard if you get overwhelmed by the competition. You need to work differently to stand on top of the competition.

So, experts suggest working smart instead of working hard. It allows you to save time to invest in scaling your business. One of the best smart work dropshipping techniques is to automate the processes.

If you are not aware of the Chrome extension for dropshipping, you are missing out big time!

The best part about chrome extensions is that you can integrate them into your store. Thus, you do not have to worry about using an extra application. Let’s tell you the different types of chrome extensions before we mention the best dropshipping chrome extensions.

Types of Dropshipping Chrome Extensions

Chrome extensions can greatly help to dropship when you choose the right one. You may use one or more dropshipping chrome extensions depending on your need. Some are specific to the particular kind of dropshipping store. Alternatively, others depend on your technical needs.

The four main categories of dropshipping chrome extensions include:

Shopify Extensions

Shopify extensions allow you to improve your Shopify store without wasting time. They ease the process of importing products from AliExpress to Shopify. Moreover, you can also create listings, edit them, process bulk orders, and retrieve information from other Shopify stores. You do not have to worry about all these functions when you install Shopify extensions. The extensions will manage these operations well.

AliExpress Extensions

Similar to Shopify, some extensions improve your AliExpress store. The AliExpress chrome extension gives you all the information about the product and the seller. You can check other similar products, price history, tracking, seller ratings, and produce invoices. They can also be integrated into your store to offer ease of operation.

Store Management

Besides product research and seller reliability, you can also use extensions to manage your store. Now you can handle the products or order processing. These extensions help you import multiple products at once. You also can avoid mistakes in the product listing. Any store management chrome extension for dropshipping is your savior!

Competitor Research

Competitor research is a critical tool in dropshipping. Most dropshipping conduct competitor research manually. Yet, chrome extensions for this purpose speed up the process. They also save you from manual labor. Pick the right competitor research chrome extension for your store from the ones we will tell you about.

Best Dropshipping Chrome Extensions

Various chrome extensions facilitate your work regarding the dropshipping store. Here are the best dropshipping chrome extensions. Choose one or more according to your need and preference.

Alitools Shopping Assistant

Alitools chrome extension is one the most widely used dropshipping extensions. It gives all the information about the products, including their price history. You can also look for other similar products at the lowest price when sourcing from Alibaba group sites.

It allows you to determine the seller’s reliability by checking the ratings. Thus, helping you find reliable vendors. Moreover, you can find ALiExpress promo codes using this extension.


  • Providing all information about the products
  • Searching products through images
  • Price history checking up to 6 months with tracking
  • Building a reputation by dealing with reliable vendors
  • Analyze and understand the products you need
  • Offer automatic discounts
  • Monitor the product delivery

How to Install Alitools Shopping Assistant?

Search for ‘Alitools Shopping Assistant’ on the search engine and ‘Install’ the Alitools chrome extension from the link. Installing the extension gives it access to your location, web history, user activity, and website content for improved service.

SEO Minion

As a dropshipper, you must know how important Search Engine Optimization is for your store. SEO allows you to rank well on search engine result pages and goes a long time. But, on-page and off-page SEO can be challenging and time-taking.

Who wouldn’t want someone else to do it for them?

SEO Minion is the perfect SEO extension for people looking to optimize their dropshipping business. It offers broken links and on-page SEO analysis. You can also check the ranking of your store using the SERP Preview feature. It gives information about all the redirects your URL has taken.


  • It analyzes on-page SEO, including meta tags and headings
  • Previews your website on the top of SERPs
  • Checks broken links on a page
  • Finds all redirects your URL has taken

How to Install SEO Minion?

SEO Minion extension can be found on your Google Chrome browser by searching for SEO Minion. Install it from the first link. It is important to remember that SEO Minion requires access to your personally identifiable information and location.

Ali Save

AliSave is one of the best dropshipping chrome extensions and is immensely helpful. You can download high-quality Alibaba or AliExpress images through AliSave.

Once you install the AliSave extension on your browser, find the product you want to download. Clicking on the ‘Install’ button before the search enables you to save the product image to your computer or laptop. Besides so many benefits of AliSave, it can be frustrating sometimes as it tends to lag.


  • Download images from the pop-up images
  • It allows you to download review photos
  • High-quality images and videos from AliExpress
  • It automatically converts WebP to Jpg where needed
  • Saves the images as Zip folders for ease of access
  • The pro version downloads all images in one click

How to Install AliSave Chrome Extension?

Write “AliSave Chrome Extension” in the search bar and click on the first link. It will redirect you to the AliSave page, where you have to click on ‘Add to Chrome.’ The best part is that it does not use or share your data. The AliSave extension is free for users. But you may opt for the pro version for $2.99 per month. The pro version is suitable for experienced dropshippers.

Ali Chrome Free Invoice Generator

If you also find invoice generation time-taking, this is an ideal tool for you. The Ali Chrome free invoice generator saves you all the time you spend creating invoices. It is a perfect choice for stores with a high influx of orders. This AliExpress chrome extension generates free invoices in PDF form once you attach them to your browser.


  • Generates invoices for free
  • Immediate invoice generation in the form of a PDF

How to Install AliChrome Extension?

Search for AliChrome on Google and add it to Chrome for the first link. You may also download it from Softonic per your preference. Once downloaded, log into your account on the website. Click on ‘view details and select ‘Download PDF invoice.’


If you have been looking for dropshipping extensions, Oberlo might be a familiar name to you. It is one of the most popular Chrome extensions used by business owners. It is among the best choices to improve efficiency and automate your business.

Oberlo allows dropshippers to scan through hundreds and thousands of products. You can import these products from AliExpress to your Shopify Store. Oberlo is a complete solution to your dropshipping automation problems. You can instantly add new products to your store and manage multiple stores at the same time. It gives you all the information about your products, including prices, reviews, inventory, etc. While you can connect different stores to your Oberlo account, it lets you export data from the store in a spreadsheet or CSV sheet.

Did you know that you can also analyze your profits through Oberlo?

Oberlo is a dropshipper’s best friend indeed. It enables you to track the profit margins and ensure you get the best deal. In short, Oberlo is your one-stop solution for product inventory, packaging, shipping, importing products, etc.


  • Connect and manage multiple Shopify stores
  • Allows easy processing of bulk orders
  • Edit the listings conveniently
  • Monitor and track your sales
  • Auto-filled checkout form
  • Analyze the prices and your profit
  • Offer product bundles and coupon codes to customers
  • Export in the form of CSV or spreadsheet

How to Install Oberlo?

Installing Oberlo is very simple. Go to the Shopify App Store and install Oberlo. Open Oberlo and log into your account. Click on the blue Oberlo icon in the extensions list on the top left f your browser. It will enable you to access multiple actions, including adding products to your store. The starter Oberlo plan is free for everyone. But the monthly plan costs $79.90 per month.


Grabley is another amazing Chrome extension for dropshipping. It is a blessing for Amazon and eBay to optimize your store. It is like a virtual assistant helping you with product research. It gives you all information about the products, including the trends. You can also learn and get the items at the lowest prices. Grabley is a perfect extension to save time finding and importing products. It also directs Walmart and eBay to understand the place of the product. However, the registration process of this tool is slightly orthodox.


  • One of the fastest dropshipping tools
  • Provides direct links to Walmart and eBay
  • One link integration with Amazon
  • Shows price history and product ranking
  • Check new products and buy them immediately in just one clock
  • Low-maintenance

How to Install Grabley Chrome Extension?

Installing the Grabley extension is simple, just like others. Type “Grabley” in the search box and install it from the first link. You can also register to be a permanent member of the Grabley club.

AliExpress Parcels

The next chrome extension on the list is AliExpress Parcels. AliExpress Parcels is the perfect tool for quickly scanning your orders on AliExpress. You can quickly look at different pages while looking through the products. It allows you to track your AliExpress orders as well. AliExpress Parcels supports multiple languages. It lets you track the parcels through a single touch in one of the many languages.

Looking for orders through AliExpress is simple. Search for the product, open it to check details, and go through the tracking info. So, it is the most suitable if you have a high influx of orders every day.


  • It makes tracking orders incredibly easy
  • Saves time to check orders manually
  • Provides complete shipment information

How to Install AliExpress Parcels Extension?

Search for “AliExpress Parcels – My Orders” on Google. Click on the first link to install the extension to Google Chrome. Click on the order after installing the plugin to add it to the “orders to track” list. It allows easy access to all your orders.


As the name indicates, AliScraper is a top choice for filtering products at AliExpress. You can filter out the products by the carrier and their shipping destination.

This tool is an excellent product by Sprocket, making your work efficient and life easier. It enables you to add trending products to your store automatically. You can also import products from AliExpress to your Shopify store in one click.

The best part is that it easily integrates with almost all big eCommerce platforms. Thus, this extension makes your life easy regardless of using Shopify.


  • Access to thousands of products
  • Filter products according to the shipping destination and shipping
  • One-click bulk order processing
  • Easy importing of products from AliExpress to Shopify
  • Improved supplier relationships and order management
  • 24/7 dynamic customer support

How to Install AliScraper Chrome Extension?

To install and use the AliScraper chrome extension, sign up on Spocket and install the AliScraper extension. Browse and import products when you log into your Pocket account.


Shopify App Detector

Shopify App Detector is an excellent chrome extension for dropshipping to integrate into your dropshipping store.

It is the perfect tool for finding out the apps other stores are using. Thus, you can integrate them with your Shopify store. It allows you to see what works for people and use it for your eCommerce store.It also lets you know if the theme is entirely customized. Click on the app icon after installing the Shopify App Detector. You can opt for the free version or use the paid plan with a 14-day trial.


  • It helps detect apps and integrations other stores use
  • Informs you if a store has a completely customized theme
  • Discount to prompt reviews from buyers
  • Displaying reviews featuring customer photos or videos
  • Showing ratings on the Shopify store instantly

How to Install Shopify App Detector Chrome Extension?

The Shopify App Detector by is available on Google Chrome. Go to the Shopify App Detector extension landing page and “Ad to Chrome.”


ShopMonitor is among the best dropshipping chrome extensions to get updates about the latest products. It is somehow a spying tool that gives you information about the products in top dropshipping stores. You can also export products in the form of CSV files. It helps search for those products on AliExpress in a single click.

Knowing the products of your competitors helps you stay one step ahead. It can contribute to the growth of your dropshipping business.


  • It gives updates about new products
  • Allows you to spy on other stores
  • Search for products with a single click
  • Supports import of products in CSV files

How to Install ShopMonitor Chrome Extension?

Search for ‘Shopify Monitor’ on Google Chrome and ‘Add to Store’ from the first search result. You can easily use it from the extension’s icon on Chrome.

AutoDS Dropshipping Helper Chrome extension

AutoDS is another well-known chrome extension for your dropshipping store. It is indeed one of the best tools for AliExpress stores. AutoDS Dropshipping Helper Chrome extension allows you to import multiple products at one time with only a few clicks. The AutoDS icon appears at the bottom of your screen after adding it to the browser. Clicking on “Extract” will help import the product to your store. You can pick products based on their variant ID.


  • Import multiple products at once
  • Allows you to pick products based on their variant ID

How to Install AudoDS Chrome Extension?

You can try AutoDS for free by searching for ‘AutoDS Dropshipping Helper’ in Google Chrome. Click on the first link and select ‘Add to Chrome.’ It is perfect for automating your dropshipping business.

Sell The Trend

Sell The Trend is an all-rounder tool. It helps you hunt the best products for your store. But did you know that Sell The Trend is an excellent choice for importing products?

You will love the chrome extension if you use Sell The Trend for product research! You get everything in one place, and everything gets better with every update. It allows you to import products and fulfill your order with one click only. It is compatible with WooCommerce and Shopify stores.


  • More than 7 million products to choose from
  • Competitor product and Facebook Ads Research
  • 1 Click order fulfillment
  • Export products conveniently
  • Store automation with AI
  • Improved marketing with high engagement

How to Install Sell The Trend Chrome Extension?

Find out the ‘Sell The Trend’ Chrome Extension on Google Chrome. Click on ‘Add to Chrome.’ Yet, this chrome extension costs $39.97 per month compared to other free tools.

Search AliExpress Products by Image

The ‘Search AliExpress Products by Image’ is a simple yet comprehensive AliExpress Chrome extension. It is the easiest way to find a product when you only have a picture and need to know the name. The best part about Search AliExpress Products by Image is how user-friendly it is.


  • Find products through images
  • User-friendly interface
  • Easy to use

How to Install Search AliExpress Products by Image?

Search for the extension with its name on the search engine like other extensions. Add the extension to Chrome and right-click on any picture you like. The name of the extension will appear in the context menu. Click on ‘Search AliExpress Products by Image’ in the menu. It will direct you to the AliExpress product page.

DSM Tool

If you have been looking for a tool that works with eBay, the DSM tool is the solution to all your concerns. It is a must-have for drop shippers on eBay because of its various advantages. It helps with product research and eases the import of products from AliExpress. Using the DSM tool does not require extensive technical knowledge. Click on the extension and type the keyword you want to research. Numerous results will pop up from hundreds of sites to facilitate your research.


  • Product research
  • Conveniently import products
  • It shows products from hundreds of websites

How to Install DSM Tool Extension?

You can find the DSM Chrome Extension on Google Chrome or visit the DSM tool website. It provides you with information about the different pricing plans. The basic plan is free and goes up to $399.97 /month for the executive plan.

Shopify Spy – Product Scraper & Inspector

Shopify Spy is another spying tool like ShopMonitor. It works similarly to the other extension and collects information from other websites. But, it may be able to give you more details. You can learn about the products, prices, and reviews on your competitor’s store. The Shopify Scraper Spy lets you scrape Shopify dropshipping stores within seconds. It provides you with the data in Excel or CSV sheets in one click. It was initially designed for Shopify users. And it works perfectly with different stores.


  • Allows you to check the product on competitor stores
  • Gives information about the location of products and their rating
  • Provides data in CSV or excel sheet

How to Install Shopify Spy Chrome Extension?

The Shopify Spy tool is available on Google Chrome by the name ‘Shopify Spy Scraper & Parser.’ Install it from the first link that pops up. Once downloaded, you will be able to check your competitor’s product data.

AliExpress ePacket Chrome Extension

AliExpress ePacket offers two different extensions for different purposes. ePacket shipping is a majorly utilized shipping method in dropshipping. It helps you deliver lightweight packages quickly and safely. At the same time, you can use the ePacket Identifier to avoid checking the product page of various sellers. It provides you with details about sellers that offer ePacket shipping. It appears on the top right of the product thumbnail.


  • Ali ePacket offers two different extensions
  • ePacket shipping helps deliver lightweight packages faster
  • ePacket Identifier lets you know about stores that offer ePacket shipping.

How to Install AliExpress ePacket?

When you search for “Ali ePacket,” you will find the link to the installation page. Click “Add to Chrome” to integrate the ePacket Chrome extension with your browser. Search for items and product lists using the extension.


How do I get better at dropshipping?

Dropshipping can be challenging and time-consuming in the beginning. But you get better at dropshipping with time. A few tips can help you get better at it. The most important is to research products properly. Moreover, managing your inventory and shipping orders on time also impacts your business. Ensure proper order fulfillment and provide great customer support. You can also install dropshipping extensions to save time finding and importing products. They help you with managing your orders and checkouts as well.

What is the best Chrome Web Store extension?

Various chrome extensions can help you with your business. They include Grammarly, Scribe, Last Pass, and HubSpot Sales. Others like Oberlo, AutoDS, Grabley, AliSave, and DSM are suitable for dropshipping. They help you manage your business better. It gives you enough time to work on scaling the business. Most of the eBay, Shopify, and AliExpress Chrome extensions are free. Yet, some have varying packages for different purposes.

Who is the fastest dropshipping supplier?

AliExpress and Alibaba are considered the best names in dropshipping supply. Some dropshippers also use Wholesae2b, Worldwide Brands, and SaleHoo. Other common names include Doba, Megagoods, and Sunrise Wholesale. If you are looking for a dropshipping agent, Wefullfill provides you with all the important services. You can utilize our inventory service and make sure your products are safe. We also offer procurement and fulfillment for your store. As our name says, We Fulfill!


Dropshipping business is blooming now. But that also means more people are entering the market. It leads to market saturation and the need for unique techniques. Opting for dropshipping Chrome extensions can help you stand out. You can find different extensions for different purposes. Some of the best dropshipping Chrome Extensions include Alitools Shopping Assistant, ShopMonitor, AliExpress ePacket Chrome Extension, SEO Minion, and Oberlo. They help you handle your store by automatically finding products, importing them, and adding discounts. You can also manage the SEO and order fulfillment functions using the Chrome extensions for dropshipping.

shailesh is a Design Founder & Advisor, Berlin School of Creative Leadership Executive MBA participant, Zippie advisor, Wolt co-founder, and Nordic Rose stakeholder.

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