The Ultimate FAQ Guide – Dropshipping Suppliers

The Ultimate FAQ Guide – Dropshipping Suppliers

February 15, 2021

The Ultimate FAQ Guide – Dropshipping Suppliers

This dropshipping supplier FAQ guide will help you choose the best suppliers for your dropshipping business.

We have made your work easy by answering every question in one place in this guide.

We have answered all of your possible questions about dropshipping suppliers in this guide.

Must read it before selecting your dropshipping supplier.


1. How do you find dropshipping suppliers easily?

You can find dropshipping suppliers easily by searching on google, B2B marketplaces and different websites.

Finding dropshipping supplier can be a bit of difficult task due to language barriers and hidden charges.

Figure 1: Finding dropshipping Suppliers

WeFullFill offers dropshipping services all over the world with high quality products and reasonable charges.

2. Do wholesale dropshipping suppliers ship internationally?

Yes, many dropshipping suppliers ship internationally but not all.

It entirely depends on the dropshipping supplier you are dealing with.

It is very important for you to ask them if they ship at your target marketplace easily or not.

3. How to find dropshipping suppliers in 2021?

You can find dropshiping suppliers in 2021 via google, different websites and online marketplaces.

To find reliable and authentic dropshipping suppliers for your business in 2021, you should have clear communication of requirements with them upfront.

Some of the dropshipping suppliers sites are:

  1. WeFullFill
  2. SaleHoo
  3. AliExpress

4. Are dropshipping suppliers’ middlemen?

No, Dropshipping Suppliers are not middlemen.

Middlemen are someone with Amazon, Shopify, or eBay Dropshipping store who just pass orders of customers to dropshipping suppliers.

You have to be very cautious while connecting with suppliers as many dropshipping suppliers show them as original but in real they are middlemen.

Figure 2: Dropshipping Suppliers are not middlemen

There should be no one between you and your dropshipping supplier working as middlemen.

Middlemen do not hold any inventory or stock with them physically like dropshipping suppliers.

5. How do you find US dropshipping suppliers?

You will find US dropshipping suppliers by searching on google, YouTube and many websites.

You have to explore all the options and find if the particular dropshipping supplier is charging you better and cheaper rates.

WeFullFill is also the US dropshipping supplier, provides winning products with fast shipping.

6. Do dropshipping suppliers deal with your customers directly?

No, Dropshipping supplier deals with the merchant or retailers only.

Their contracts are limited to retailers only and they cannot deal with customers directly under the signed contract.

Figure 3: Dropshipping Business Model

Amazon, Shopify, eBay, or any e-commerce platform sellers deal with dropshipping suppliers.

They pass on the orders from the customers to dropshipping suppliers.

7. Do you have to pay dropshipping suppliers membership fee too?

No, you don’t have to pay dropshipping suppliers membership fee.

8. Do dropshipping suppliers use my company information on shipment to customers?

It totally depends on the dropshipping supplier.

Many dropshipping suppliers send the product to the customer on your company information.

Figure 5: Company Information on Package

Some dropshippers suppliers do the blind dropshipping in which customers doesn’t know from where parcel is coming from.

9. Do customers send returns to me or dropshipping suppliers?

Returns go back to your dropshipping supplier.

However, return fee policies vary from supplier to supplier.

Every dropshipping supplier has its own rules of returns.

You have to communicate and check the policies of your dropshipping supplier about returns.

10. Can I find a dropshipping supplier and then sell it on Amazon?

Yes, Amazon allows dropshipping business.

You have to follow the Amazon-specific guidelines and policies to do dropshipping business on Amazon.

Figure 6: Amazon dropshipping


You can find dropshipping supplier and start your business on Amazon.

WeFullFill also offers dropshipping services for Amazon.

11. Can I find a dropshipping supplier and then sell it on eBay?

Yes, you have to fulfill orders directly from a dropshipping supplier to sell on eBay.

However, eBay doesn’t allow to list a product and then purchase from dropshipping supplier.

Figure 7: eBay Dropshipping

Cheap items to sell on eBay having reliable dropshipping supplier is the way to sell on eBay correctly.

WeFullFill also offers dropshipping services for eBay.

12. Can I find a dropshipping supplier and then sell on Shopify?

Yes, Shopify support dropshipping business on its e-commerce platform.

You can find a reliable dropshipping supplier and then sell on Shopify.

WeFullFill also offers dropshipping services for Shopify.

13. Do you need a tax id for dropshipping suppliers?

Yes, you need tax id for working with dropshipping suppliers.

The tax id in most States is called as Sales and Tax id.

This is actually your Reseller Certificate and Seller’s Permit.

You need this tax id to work with your dropshipping supplier as a legitimate middleman.

14. Should you use many dropshipping suppliers for dropshipping business?

There are some pros and cons of working with multiple dropshipping suppliers:


  1. One supplier cannot offer you a wide variety of products as multiple suppliers can.
  2. If your supplier doesn’t respond, you have another supplier to ship same product.


  1. If your customer decides to buy different products from store then each product packaging would be different.
  2. You have to pay Multiple Shipping fees.

One supplier with good working relationship and trust is the best asset.

15. Do Dropshipping suppliers sell cheap products?

It varies from supplier to supplier.

Some dropshipping suppliers charge too much which is not right.

Some dropshipping suppliers sell cheap priced products with good quality.

WeFullFill also offers less priced products with good quality and fast shipping.

16. Do dropshipping suppliers have trending and hot selling products?

Yes, some dropshipping suppliers have trending products that can help you scale up your business.

WeFullFill offers some of the best electronic hot selling products such as:

1.USB ultrasonic Air Diffuser

  1. LCD display massage gun
  2. Portable Infrarered thermometer
  3. Wireless Phone charger
  4. Wireless Karaoke Microphone

17. Can you find dropshipping suppliers from all over the world?

Yes, you can find dropshipping suppliers from all over the world.

WeFullFill also provide services of dropshipping around the globe.

To find dropshipping supplier from specific place, you have to do thorough research on internet.

18. Are dropshipping suppliers reliable?

You have to verify many things while finding if a certain dropshiping supplier is reliable or not.

You have to check the feedbacks and ask them to give proof of their reliability.

Dropshipping suppliers are not reliable if they are selling their products to public, if they ask for monthly fee, or ask for pre-orders fee.

19. Are there any benefits of hiring dropshipping suppliers for the long term?

Yes, there are many benefits to hiring dropshipping suppliers for the long term.

  1. You will develop a healthy trustable relationship with your dropshipping supplier.
  2. You have more chances to have a negotiation with current dropshipping supplier.
  3. Your dropshipping supplier will take you more seriously.

Dropshipping suppliers are also looking for merchants or retailers who want to work for the long-term.

20. Do you have to pay for the product to the dropshipping supplier before you sell it to the customer?

You only pay to your dropshipping supplier when your customer pays you.

When you make a sale, you have to pay your dropshipping supplier.

He then ships the product to the customers.

21. Can I have a good profit margin after having a dropshipping supplier?

Yes, although it depends on the pricing of your product.

It is still stated that 20% profit margin can be achieved.

22. Where can I find a dropshipping supplier for Amazon?

You can find dropshiping supplier by researching on google and Youtube.

Figure 8: Amazon Dropshipping

These are some of the best dropshipping supplier for Amazon:

  1. WeFulFill
  2. SaleHoo
  3. AliExpress
  4. Alibaba

23. How many products should I import from the dropshipping supplier?

You can start by importing 6-20 products on your store to make it look more authentic.

Your main focus will be on 1 or 2 products for advertising.

24. Should I buy more than one product for my store from dropshipping suppliers?

Yes, you can buy more than one product for your store from dropshipping suppliers.

25. Do dropshipping suppliers cost more?

No, this business model is great if you want to start dropshipping.

Dropshipping suppliers charge you not a lot but the basic price of the product.

It may vary from supplier to supplier so it is recommended to check and compare prices.

WeFullFill offers very low-priced products with good quality.

26. How do Wefullfill services work as a dropshipping supplier?

WeFullFill offers product sourcing services and provides your great services as dropshipping supplier.

  1. WeFullFill has a forever free plan for their valuable retailers.
  2. Your Product never goes out of Stock with WeFullFill.

Our automation system keeps the inventory and prices updated so you don’t have to go through any hassle.

  1. Our experts would do sourcing for you.
  2. Every niche product is available at cheap prices.
  3. We sell globally.

Figure 9: WeFullFill Worldwide Shipping


  1. WeFullFill outstanding payment plans our pocket friendly.
  2. We have proper channel of communication so you are never unanswered of any question.

27. How Wefullfill is better as a dropshipping supplier?

WeFullFill is better as dropshipping suppliers than others because we give more hold of inventory to our retailers.

Our services are always available.

WeFullFill provides services of product sourcing.

Figure 10: WeFullFill Product Sourcing

We only have winning products which provides more profit margin.

28. Do dropshipping suppliers provide the images and descriptions of products?

Yes, Dropshipping supplier provide you with images and descriptions of the products.

29. Can I use Product pictures from my dropshipping Supplier?

Yes, you can use product pictures from your dropshipping supplier.

He will provide you pictures himself.

30. What kind of products does Wefullfill offer as dropshipping suppliers?

WeFullFill offers a wide range of electronics products that never go out of style.

Some of the products are:

  1. Nail Dryer Curing lamp
  2. Vibration Air Massager
  3. Bluetooth Wireless Earphones
  4. Automatic wrist blood Pressure Monitor
  5. WiFi Security Doorbell

WeFullFill offers unique products that are most demanding in dropshipping business.

31. What are the disadvantages of AliExpress as a dropshipping supplier?

The disadvantages of AliExpress as a dropshipping supplier are:

  1. You have no control over your inventory.

  1. You cannot involve in delivery process of AliExpress.
  2. Delivery takes time up to weeks to months.
  3. Competition is more and you cannot have good profit margins.
  4. Return possible is nearly impossible with AliExpress.

32. Why I should not choose Oberlo for my Shopify dropshipping business?

There are many reasons that why you should not use Oberlo for dropshipping business:

  1. You’d be restricted doing business with Shopify only.
  2. Oberlo offers no solution for shipping problems like AliExpress.

  1. Products are very low quality.
  2. Oberlo charges you even if you are going in a loss.

33. Why Salehoo dropshipping suppliers are not goof choice?

  1. The prices of products are high than WeFullFill and AliExpress.
  2. Salehoo only have yearly payment method which is not feasible for some retailers.

  1. Many dropshiping suppliers are new on this forum so reliability cannot be checked.

34. Is there any helping process for retailers of Wefullfill as a dropshipping supplier?

Yes, WeFullFill attaches you with sale manager who keeps you updated and communicate with you in your whole dropshipping journey.

35. Is Wefullfill dropshipping supplier?

Yes, Wefullfill is dropshipping supplier with hundreds of winning products.

36. How do I track my orders with WefullFill?

WeFullFill have proper logistics department developed.

Wefullfill provides you will daily updates of your product fulfillment.

By proper tracking channel, you can easily monitor the status of parcel.

37. How many days WefullFill dropshipping supplier’s shipment take?

WeFullFill offers free shipping for over 24 countries.

Figure 11: WeFullFill Order Shipment Process

WeFullFill offers fast shipping services:

Wefullfill Express: 1-2 days

300 Global Express: 6-15 days

  1. What happens if dropshipping suppliers’ products are defective?

Dropshipping suppliers mostly don’t cover return shipment fees.

You have to know your suppliers return policy.

If the product is defective by supplier’s end, then you have to discuss the matter seriously.

39. How long do you have to wait if your dropshipping supplier is out of stock?

Dropshipping suppliers can get out of stock.

It is very important that your supplier keeps you updates about the inventory.

Figure 12: WeFullFil updates stock regularly

You have to wait for weeks to get the product back in stock.

However, WeFullFill follows the automation process in which it updates the retailer about the stock status.

40. Can I order bulk products with Wefullfill?

Yes, you can contact WeFullFill and discuss your requirements.

Figure 13: WeFulFill in Bulk products

41. Can dropshipping suppliers provide high-quality images?

Dropshipping suppliers can only provide you pictures they have.

You have to remove the watermark and logo to use it on your website.

42. Do dropshipping suppliers offer discounts for bulk orders?

Yes, Individual rates of products are higher than bulk orders.

Bulk orders are more efficient and pocket-friendly.

You can buy small wholesale lots than single items.

43. What are the dropshipping suppliers’ delivery time?

Dropshipping supplier’s delivery time varies from weeks to months.

Some suppliers like AliExpress and many other suppliers don’t give you hold on inventory.

You cannot decide shipping time with most of the suppliers.

WeFullFill offers fast shipping services:

Wefullfill Express: 1-2 days

300 Global Express: 6-15 days

44. What are some best dropshipping suppliers for Amazon?

There are some of the best dropshipping suppliers:

  1. WefullFill
  2. Walmart
  3. SaleHoo

  1. Wholesale2B
  2. Doba

45. Can I use same dropshipping suppliers for multiple e-commerce platforms?

Yes, you can use dropshipping suppliers for multiple e-commerce platforms.

It is not suggested to go with a lot of E-commerce platforms until you have enough experience of working on them.


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