Top 32 Dropshipping Wholesalers in 2023

Top 32 Dropshipping Wholesalers in 2023

May 23, 2023

Looking for dropshipping wholesalers in 2023? Then you are on the right page. We come up with the best dropshipping wholesalers just for you. From clothing, rugs, furniture, printables, soap, medical equipment, and other product wholesalers you are looking for, we got it all covered.

What is Drop Shipping Wholesalers

A search bar over a warehouse looking for companies who offer Dropshipping.

Drop shipping wholesalers are an e-commerce company that sells bulk products to drop shippers. They are the main source of supply for most small to large drop shippers in dropshipping industry. Dropshipping wholesalers serve as the third-party supplier of a dropshipping transaction where the retailer/drop shipper passes the bulk orders of customers.

Benefits of Drop Shipping Wholesalers

Benefits of Drop Shipping Wholesalers

Dropshipping is the concept of selling products that you don’t actually own, and the wholesalers behind it are the heart of its supply chain. There are a lot of benefits to this business model.

Low Investment

You can launch a store on dropshipping without investing thousands of dollars. With wholesale drop shippers, you do not buy a product until your customer makes a purchase.

Saves Time and Money

Having dropshipping wholesalers in this business model saves time and money for drop shippers like you. You do not have to manage and pay the warehouse for your products and don’t even have to pack and ship the orders because wholesalers are the ones to do that on your behalf.


With dropshipping wholesalers, you can sell as many different items as you want at no extra cost. By just listing them on your site, you have the ability to order anytime and any quantity you want.


Scaling your business in dropshipping is easy with dropshipping wholesalers. Because they support small to large quantities of your store needs, with this, you have full control of growing your business.

Market Research for Drop Shipping Wholesalers

The predicted size of the global dropshipping industry is USD 225.9 billion in 2022, and from 2023 to 2030, it is anticipated to increase at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 23.4%. The industry is expected to expand significantly due to cross-border e-commerce trends and rising online buying preferences. Therefore, the expansion of the e-commerce sector substantially impacts the rise in demand for dropshipping services.

Leading Drop Shipping Wholesalers


Banggood Australia Drop Shipping Wholesalers

Banggood Australia is one of the top dropshipping vendors in Australia. If you’re seeking dropshipping suppliers, consider Banggood. They have access to a wide variety of products at significantly lower prices than other Australian dropshipping suppliers because of their location in China. On Banggood, you can purchase premium goods at wholesale rates.
Banggood Official Website:

Australia UGG Original Drop Shipping Wholesalers

Australia’s largest boot manufacturer, UGG Factory Sydney, is a dropshipping wholesaler. They offer high-end UGG boots for sale. You’ve probably heard about how soft and comfortable Australian UGG boots are. You may drop ship genuine Australian UGGs and earn money with Australia UGG original.
Australia UGG Original Website:

Worldwide Brand Drop Shipping Wholesaler

Over 16 million products in various markets, from pet supplies to home decor, are available from Worldwide Brands. Access to Worldwide Brands does not require a monthly or annual subscription. They provide a wide range of certified wholesale manufacturers and suppliers in their directory. For new drop shippers, they also offer training materials.
Worldwide Brand Official Website:
Worldwide Brand Dropshipping:
Worldwide Brand Wholesale Directory:

AliExpress Drop Shipping Wholesalers

One of the biggest retail platforms in the world is AliExpress. The retail division of the Alibaba Group has created a presence in around 190 nations, including Australia, since its start in 2010. It has strengthened its position as Australia’s leading dropshipping supplier. For Australian drop shippers looking for inexpensive suppliers, try AliExpress.

Kogan Drop Shipping Wholesalers

An Australian online store called Kogan sells goods from different merchants and goods under its brand. They are the largest internet retailer in Australia, selling over eleven million items the previous year. They provide various interests, including electronics, computers, literature, clothing, pet supplies, and baby things.

BulkeWholesale Drop Shipping Wholesalers

Bulkwholesale is one of Australia’s fastest-growing dropshipping wholesalers of cleaning supplies. Having manufactured a range of chemicals for over 20 years, such as detergents, disinfectants, liquid and powder laundry detergents, auto detailing supplies, contract cleaning solutions, hospitality cleaning supplies, and many more.
Bulkwholesale Official Website:
Discover more about Bulkwholesale:

Bondi Beach Tea Co. Drop Shipping Wholesalers

Bondi Beach Tea Co. offers organic tea blends, dropshipping, private labeling, and wholesale services for your end users. If you still need an online store or website, Bondi Beach Tea Co. experts will help you design a beautiful website, logo, or branding to promote your success as a seller.
Bondi Beach Tea Co. Official Website:

Bella Boutique Drop Shipping Wholesalers

Bella Boutique is one of the top dropshipping wholesalers in Australia for drop shippers looking to offer authentic, fine jewelry made with Swarovski components. Bella Boutique sells jewelry such as necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings, sets, and accessories.
Bella Boutique Official Website:
Visit and be amazed at Bella Boutique Products:

Dear Jane Medical Drop Shipping Wholesalers

A dropshipping wholesaler, DearJane Medical is happy to offer Australia the highest caliber medical products from top global manufacturers. Visit the Australian website DearJane Medical for all medical supplies and equipment, including crutches, walkers, masks, nebulizers, splints, braces, and more.
DearJane Medical Official Website:
About DearJane Medical:
Browse DearJane Medical Products:

Daring Diva Drop Shipping Wholesalers

The Daring Diva is a dropshipping clothing wholesaler that encourages plus-size women to be courageous, confident, and strong. Our attire is specifically designed for its bold attractiveness, femininity, and wearability, since we recognize that sex comes in various shapes and sizes, from smart casual to beautifully chic scenarios. For dropshipping businesses in Australia interested in selling plus-size clothing, Daring Diva is the best source.
Daring Diva Official Website:
Become Daring Diva Dropshipper:

Dasch Design Drop Shipping Wholesalers

Looking for an Australian dropship provider of furniture? You need Dasch Design, which we can provide. Dasch is the leader in its sector, from its market-leading and unique accent furniture to current, fashionable furniture designs. You can increase your online sales revenue with the help of two variants from Dasch Design, dropship wholesaling and dropshipping.
Dasch Design Official Website:
Register and be their Dropshipper:

Eleganter Drop Shipping Wholesalers

Eleganter Australia is an Australian dropshipping wholesaler that offers a wide selection of goods to stimulate young minds. They sell fidget toys, musical instruments, art supplies, and wooden educational and infant toys.
Eleganter Australia Website:
Learn more about Eleganter:

Ozdingo Drop Shipping Wholesalers

One of the first wholesale dropshipping businesses in Australia is the OzDingo Marketplace. Products that fall under categories like pets and animals, houses and gardens, children and babies, sports, health, beauty, electronics, fashion, etc., can be found on OzDingo.
OzDingo Marketplace Official Website:
About OzDingo Marketplace:
OzDingo Marketplace has a wide range of products:
Drop ship with OzDingo Marketplace:

Amazon Australia Drop Shipping Wholesalers

If you want to buy products quickly, Amazon Australia is an excellent location to purchase. You may always rely on them for quick domestic delivery because of their fast shipping times. Because they provide access to a wide range of high-quality products from around the globe, they are a top supplier for your dropshipping business.
Amazon Official Website:

Factory Fast Drop Shipping Wholesalers

Another Australian dropshipping vendor is Factory Fast. They provide specific incentives to customers who want to resell their products, like drop shippers. Still, unlike the other dropshipping suppliers mentioned in this article, their products mainly focus on furniture, sports, fitness equipment, home, lifestyle accessories, etc.
Factory Fast Official Website:
Factory Fast Reseller and Dropshipping:

Catch Australia Drop Shipping Wholesalers

With over 15 years of operation and over 3 million active consumers, Catch Australia is one of Australia’s biggest online retailers. It is also among the best drop-shipping suppliers in Australia. Catch is a fantastic dropshipping wholesale supplier, offering millions of products at reasonable costs.
Catch Australia Official Website:
About Catch Australia:
Catch Australia Bulk Buys:

Target Australia Drop Shipping Wholesalers

Target Australia has established itself as one of Australia’s leading dropshipping wholesaler suppliers. Target Australia provides excellent savings on a variety of its goods. With a OnePass membership, like in Catch Australia, dropshipping business owners may take advantage of excellent savings and special offers from Target.
Target Official Website:

Colour Blocker Drop Shipping Wholesalers

One of the top dropshipping wholesalers in Australia, Colourblocker, provides a free service beneficial for beginning drop shippers. They offer free domestic shipping on all of their products. They provide products in many categories, such as home products, presents, watches, and accessories.
Colourblocker Official Website:
Start Dropshipping now with Colourblocker:

CJDopshipping Drop Shipping Wholesalers

CJDropshipping is a full-service dropshipping company with warehouses worldwide, including in Australia. You can dropship products in many markets with CJDropshipping, including those for toys, mobile phones, clothing, electronics, sports, and outdoor pursuits. Depending on your needs and the dropshipping business style. There is a selection of dropship, wholesale, and preorder inventory.
CJDropshipping Official Website:
Dropship with CJDropshipping:
CJDropshipping Overview:

Brands Gateway Drop Shipping Wholesalers

Are you an experienced drop shipper equipped to promote premium, branded goods? In that scenario, BrandsGateway might be what you need. BrandsGateway is a B2B luxury fashion marketplace with an international dropshipping and order fulfillment service. You can dropship from this Australian provider for more than 90.000 different brands of items.
BrandsGetaway Official Website:
Drop ship with BrandsGetaway:
BrandsGetaway Product Catalog:

Alrug Drop Shipping Wholesalers

Have you ever thought about dropshipping exquisitely woven rugs? Now is your chance! If you are an Australian drop shipper or want to start a drop shipping business in Australia, you must go to Alrug. With more than 15.000 authentic carpet designs available, Alrug is a wonderland for drop shippers everywhere.
Alrug Official Website:
Check all Alrug Collections:
Learn more about Alrug:

Catch Drop Shipping Wholesalers

Catch Marketplace is an Australian dropshipping wholesaler that offers numerous ways to make money. Since disrupting internet retail in 2006, they have provided regular Australians affordable prices on the brands they already know and love.
Catch Official Website:
Discuss and Partner with Catch:
Browse Catch Available Products:

Salehoo Drop Shipping Wholesalers

Over 8,000 pre-screened suppliers and roughly 2.5 million products are included in SaleHoo’s wholesale directory. There are no geographical constraints, and the vendors come from around the world. Thanks to the vast directory, you may uncover products in several well-liked genres and import them right into your store.
Salehoo Official Website:

Printful Drop Shipping Wholesalers

One of the most well-known POD companies, Printful, is aware of the importance of localization and personalization for your Australian customers. If you choose Printful for your PoD store, customers will benefit from simple payment methods and prices in AUD rather than USD.
Connect your store to Printful:

Alibaba Drop Shipping Wholesalers

The largest B2B platform for wholesale trading worldwide, Alibaba, has more than 100 monthly users. Alibaba is a platform exclusively used for business-to-business (B2B) transactions and designed to link you with the manufacturers of the goods you’re looking for. Orders can be filled using drop shipping, and products are sold in large quantities.
Alibaba Official Website:

Dropshipzone Drop Shipping Wholesalers

With Dropshipzone, you may find resale goods in various markets, including electronics, audio and video, furniture, home and garden, appliances, and more. Dropshipzone has an app called “Sofortig,” which best suits Shopify online retailers. They offer wholesale, import to your online store, and have over 10.000 SKUs to pick from.
Dropshipzone Official Website:

Dropshirt Drop Shipping Wholesalers

T-shirts in various designs and hues are available from Dropshirt and may be imported into your online store after being custom manufactured. Dropshirt is situated in Australia, which is a massive advantage for shipping timelines and retaining customers. They have two printing facilities, one in Melbourne and the other in Brisbane. You may already use Dropshirt with various eCommerce sites to place wholesale orders.
Dropshirt Official Website:

Dropsite Drop Shipping Wholesalers

Dropsite is one of the biggest wholesale drop shipping companies in Australia, one of the top. They offer dropshipping on thousands of items, including apparel, electronics, household appliances, cosmetics, etc. This company has been in operation for the past 12 years and provides domestic and international services.
Dropsite Official Website:

Simply Wholesale Drop Shipping Wholesalers

The family-run company Simply Wholesale has operated out of Australia for about ten years. They offer a wide range of goods for dropshipping, including toys, electronics, sports and fitness gear, cosmetics, and much more. They act as a one-stop shop, providing services not just to Australia but to many other nations as well.
Simply Wholesale Official Website:
Simply Wholesale Dropshipping Wholesale:

OGO Drop Shipping Wholesalers

A general drop-ship supplier with tens of thousands of items is noteworthy since print-on-demand is a market we frequently question. If you’re looking to start a t-shirt or merchandise store or want to add clothing and merchandise to your existing store, OGO is a great place to start. OGO is Australia’s leading POD (print-on-demand) dropship supplier with a fantastic track record and reputation.
OGO Official Website:

Latest Buy Drop Shipping Wholesalers

Latest Buy was among the first dropship vendors in Australia. On their website, they provide hundreds of items for wholesale, including accessories for tablets, smartphones, laptops, and other electronic devices. This Australian drop shipper has been operating successfully for the past 13 years.
Latest Buy Official Website:

Crazy Sales Drop Shipping Wholesalers

You can find an unrivaled selection of goods for every facet of your life at Crazy Sales. There are around 10,000 products across several categories, so you’ll never be stuck for options. You can find the best products at the most affordable prices at Crazy Sales. As they always say, “Bargains every day!”
Crazy Sales Official Website:
Be one of their Crazy Sales supplier:

eBay Drop Shipping Wholesalers

eBay is the largest B2B marketplace for wholesale trade globally, with over 100 monthly users. eBay is a platform created to connect you with the suppliers of the products you’re looking for and is only used for business-to-business (B2B) transactions. Drop shipping wholesale can be used to fulfill orders and sell many things.
eBay Official Website:

Things to Consider in Choosing Drop Shipping Wholesalers

Things to Consider in Choosing Drop Shipping Wholesalers

Being in the dropshipping industry in Australia has a big edge, even if you are in a small to big company. Having reliable suppliers is one of the key assets a drop-shippers should have, and here are some of the major factors to consider.

Has an Organized and Efficient System

It is important to have dropshipping wholesaler supplier that has an organized system. From placing your orders, delivering, updating tracking, and issuing invoices, a good drop shipper wholesaler should have an efficient and systematized business operation flow.

Excellent Customer Service Staff

Dropshipping wholesalers should have a responsive and responsible sales representative. We are dealing with an online programmed business, and your dropshipping wholesaler’s customer service representative should take charge of all queries and concerns accordingly.


Look for dropshipping wholesalers who have good backgrounds and reputations. Look for reviews online or ask for advice from your colleagues who are in the same field as you. Good dropshipping wholesalers should have clean records and certifications for legitimacy.


Choosing your dropshipping wholesaler is a crucial decision in this industry. This factor will indeed dictate the future of your dropshipping business. Given the factors to consider above, the listed dropshipping wholesalers in this article are some of the biggest names in this sector. They ensure you have good quality products to drop ship and good deals to sell.


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