Top baby products Australia 2023

Top baby products Australia 2023

February 2, 2023

Baby products have become a popular dropshipping choice globally. The demand for dropship baby products in Australia is expected to increase in the next year. Parents are moving towards sustainable, long-lasting products. Many people also look for unique products that ease their life. You can make use of this trend and add it to your store. Let’s have a look at the top baby products for 2023.

Organic Wipes

Organic wipes are one of the best baby products to dropship in Australia in 2023. Over the past few years, organic baby wipes have received a lot of attention. Parents are looking for options that are friendly to the environment. These baby wipes comprise biodegradable materials. They contain aloe vera to hydrate and clean your baby’s skin at the same time.

Also, parents need a large number of wipes to get through a month. Some parents even choose to buy in bulk. So, when you add this to your store, expect many orders throughout the year. What stops you from adding organic wipes to your top 10 baby products in 2023?

Manual Breast Pumps

Manual breast pumps are another top baby product you might want to consider. Electric breast pumps can are a top-drop shipping baby product. But manual pumps have their advantages.

First, this item is popular with parents due to its portability and ease of setup. This does not need a power source, unlike electric ones. The fact that they are less expensive is another reason to include them in your top 10 baby products in 2023. The price is suitable for the seller and the buyer alike. When not in use, they are simple to store. These are a great option for parents on the go; they’ve been a big hit since they came out.

Silicone Teether Kits

Babies start teething by the third month, which is a challenging time for parents. When teething begins, children frequently become ill and irritated. Parents buy baby teethers to combat this. When a baby’s teeth start coming in, baby teeth help soothe the gums.

Children often suck and chew on teethers during this time. Thus, parents are concerned about their child’s exposure to harmful chemicals. Because of this, silicone baby teether kits are popular among parents. Silicone is a material that can be put in babies’ mouths for up to 24 hours without worrying.

Baby teether kits should provide safety to the kids. Thus, ask the supplier when looking for baby teether kits for your store. Due to high demand, silicone baby teethers are a preferred dropship baby product in Australia. You can also make your best-selling and make high sales through proper marketing.


Baby playpens are one of the amazing Australian dropshipping baby products. They can be helpful if your target audience is parents who prefer to stay home. Parents who want to keep their children safe but still have access to their toys can use these playpens.

These playpens are designed solely for use as a baby’s home playground. No matter how big it is, it can be a safe place for the baby. Parents can place them anywhere in the house without worrying about the child’s safety.

Babies spend a lot of time in these areas. Thus, looking for a playpen made of durable, non-toxic materials is best. Even better is if they come with safety features like padding around the edges and safety buckles. Likewise, choose playpens that are easy to assemble. Once you have checked these boxes, you will be ready to add playpens to your top 10 baby products 2023 catalog. Make sure to pick the best ones for your customers.

Carrier Hip Seats

Baby carrier hip seats are, without a doubt, one of the best inventions ever. Before these, parents carried their children in their arms. Even though this was necessary, it can become quite demanding and exhausting.

Hip seats for baby carriers allow parents to carry their children without holding them all the time. It offers an even distribution of weight throughout the upper body. So, these carriers reduce the strain on the person carrying the baby. This item is necessary for parents who want to carry their children without strain. The hip seats allow carrying the children for longer periods without getting tired.

Considering its high demand and easy-to-use feature this item can be added to your list of drop-shipping baby products. It might become your top baby product very soon.


A separate room for newborns is quite common among parents. They like to keep their own space and brighten the nursery with a wide range of things. Even though they ensure the safety of the entire room, they cannot completely know what happens in the room. That’s how baby monitors got their start.

Baby monitors are useful for monitoring babies. It is useful at night and during other household activities when parents are busy. They are a good choice for parents who work and keep nannies for their children. This gadget can become a top priority for parents. Because of this, you should also include it in your dropship baby products Australia store.

Baby Shampoos and Soaps

Drop shipping shampoo and soap bars for babies is another popular option for the top 10 baby skin care products in Australia. Whether you sell organic or inorganic bath products, having them in your store can attract parents.

Items that are hypoallergenic and made for specific skin conditions like eczema might be worth adding. Your dropship baby products in Australia will do better if they are more diverse.

Don’t forget to do your homework and ensure the products have been through safety tests. Keep various sizes on hand because parents often want to try things out first or buy in bulk. Also, try to add a few organic options, as parents prefer chemical-free products for their infants and toddlers.

Baby Lotions

Dry skin is very common in babies, sometimes right after birth. Despite being normal, this may concern some parents. Therefore, adding baby lotions to your top 10 baby skin care products in Australia should be profitable for your business.

Baby’s skin is less prone to irritation and wounds when moisturized with a lotion. They also avoid developing rashes, which, you guessed it, can result in wounds. Furthermore, in winter, you might feel dry skin after having a hot shower, and children are more prone to this appearance. So, adding baby lotions to your Australian drop-shipping baby products

is always a better option.

People who want to gift something for a baby often look for skincare options. Adding baby lotions, soaps, and shampoos offer a complete solution for gift baskets. Providing gift-packing services for these products may act as an added benefit.

Biodegradable Diapers

Over 20 billion diapers are discarded into landfills. That is a ton of diapers, with the majority of them being non-biodegradable. Many parents are also considering the eco-friendly diaper option to reduce their carbon footprint. These diapers can be decomposed and won’t contribute to pollution for very long. These diapers are made to be compostable in municipal and industrial composting facilities. They can become a top baby product.

Biodegradable diapers are not yet common. But, many parents are willing to invest in them. Pick a reliable vendor to source these diapers. You should be sure that the diapers are biodegradable and that the supplier is not conning you.

So, adding this product to your top 10 baby skin care products in Australia’s catalog can bring many customers.

Milk Bottles

We are all aware of the significance of baby milk bottles. This is one of the most important things for parents to have during the first few months, whether they are breastfeeding or not.

The shapes and sizes of these bottles vary depending on the baby’s age. Thus, you must ensure that you provide a diverse selection of bottles and nipple sizes. Diversifying and including collections from different brands is better than sticking to only one brand.

Because they are light, adding them to your Australian drop-shipping baby products should be good. Yet, keep in mind that they are also quite delicate. Guarantee that they are delivered in got bundling for the genuine serenity of your clients. Offer different price options to attract parents from all economic backgrounds. Make sure to keep accessories to make them more affordable. Providing value to customers helps retain them.


Dropshipping requires you to choose your niche smartly. The right niches can help you gain and retain customers better than others. Baby products are another such niche to improve sales in Australia. Some top baby products include hip carrier seats, baby monitors, and teether kits. Biodegradable diapers may also become a trending choice in the coming years. You may opt for baby lotions and baby soaps to dropship baby Products in Australia. Do not forget milk bottles when adding unique products. They are an evergreen product that all parents need. All these products are good choices when you find the right supplier for these products.

shailesh is a Design Founder & Advisor, Berlin School of Creative Leadership Executive MBA participant, Zippie advisor, Wolt co-founder, and Nordic Rose stakeholder.

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