Wefullfill Rebate Policy

Wefullfill is aiming at helping dropshippers achieving more sales and making more in profit. Wefullfill will Rebate dropshippers start from WFF VIP Level 3.
The policy below is active from April 4th, 2022- Dec 31th,2022

Level 1                  0% Rebate
Level 2                 0% Rebate
Level 3                 2% Rebate
Level 4                 3% Rebate
Level 5                 5% Rebate

Rebate will be happening from the 5th of each new coming Month. A email will be sending out once a rebate is credit to your WFF wallet. You can manage the setting for your email alert address from the url https://app.wefulfil.com/users/settings go to the subscribed email