What are the Best Niche Finder Tools to find your dropshipping products?

What are the Best Niche Finder Tools to find your dropshipping products?

February 11, 2021


Buying and selling become easy when you do not have to manage a lot of things on your own at one time. Having help is definitely great, but what if you do not have to maintain an inventory at all. Being a part of the dropshipping business, you get to stay away from several worries. Selling dropshipping products is possible without even having to have them in stock. Isn’t it just perfect? It is, undoubtedly.

If you wonder how this is possible, let us tell you a bit about dropshipping before mentioning the best niche finder tools.


What is dropshipping?

“Dropshipping” is a word that gained popularity in 2006 when AliExpress introduced Chinese products in the US. The idea of dropshipping products is to have a store where you list and show all the items you wish to sell. However, you do not need to have those items in inventory. Instead, when a customer places an order, it is forwarded to the vendor who directly ships the purchase. You do not have to keep any of the mentioned items in stock and bear loss in case.

Lachlan Delchau-Jones says, “Dropshipping is the entry point for a lot of people to business, eCommerce, and entrepreneurship. It’s the perfect first business.”

So, if you have made up your brain to get into the dropshipping products business and getting started, you might need to know a few things. Once you decide on becoming a part of the e-commerce business, it is essential to realize what you are interested in selling. Selecting a niche is of topmost importance when it comes to the selection of a business. Online business seems simple, but it can only excel with proper planning and execution. Initially, choose a niche for your dropshipping products to carry out with the next steps.


Fig 1. Dropshipping Model


How to find your Niche? 

Finding a niche is easy and straightforward if you know a few fundamentals. These few steps mentioned below will help you find a suitable niche for your business.


Understand your interests

The foremost step while selecting a niche is understanding your passion and interests. Many people think that the chosen niche should be the one that yields the most revenue, yet it might not be the best idea. If you choose a dropshipping products niche that interests you, having more knowledge about the products will pay you in the long run. There are a few other factors that can help you with the niche you might be interested in.

  • What do you buy or use the most? You can also count the most basic items in this list. Having adequate knowledge about the product will enable you to communicate with the customers in a better way.
  • How do you spend your leisure time? As e-commerce allows you to sell anything and everything, you want to incorporate other elements that people enjoy.


Research about your Niche’s profitability 

After you know your interests and passion for dropshipping products, the next step is to determine the cost/benefit ratio and profitability. Having a dropshipping business eliminates the chances of facing a loss. But, it would be best if you found out what profit your product is offering. An essential factor is to find out the best selling products of your niche that can hike your business revenue. No business has all products that are in high demand, but a few are the star products. These products should be well researched, and you must try to put as many star selling products on your store.

Identify the potential issues

When you step into a business, identify the issues is of critical value to your dropshipping products. While you are working online and not interacting with the customer physically, numerous problems can arise. Search for other brands working on the same products as yours to find out what potential threats you have. Once you are aware of the possible problems and issues, try to find answers to them before facing them in real. You can search for answers on various platforms like Quora.


Implement your idea

The last step of initializing your business is to present it to the audience. Once you are clear about the strength and weaknesses of your business, give life to it. Create a dropshipping products store and get started to see the results. It is okay to not have amazing sales in the first few weeks, but consistency takes you places.

If you feel like this particular niche is not offering you the response you expected, you can use product scraping tools to help you find the best products for sale.


Fig 2. Selecting a niche



How to find the right dropshipping products for your business

While we see that creating a dropshipping products store is easy, the competition must also be kept in mind. Many businesses and brands deal with similar products, and competing with pioneers can be challenging. However, if you find out the right products for your niche, it gets somehow easy.


Trending products

Going with trending products can never go wrong as people already love them. Finding trending products is also quite convenient and does not require a lot of effort. When you come across the list of trending products, you need to filter them as well. Having a list of trending products does not mean putting all of them in your store. Instead, study the products and search for the few that offer the best selling potential. Also, see for yourself how you see those products on your dropshipping products store.


Other online selling stores

Millions of stores and websites offer online buying and selling of products. Usually, these sites allow users to like and share products with others. You can find popular products through these sites and select a few for your dropshipping products store based on profitability. The product reviews on these sites can be of great help while selecting products for your store.


Use a research tool

Sometimes we cannot find products on our own and feel annoyed by the wide variety to choose from. If you are in such a situation, don’t worry. You can find several dropshipping products tools that help you scrape products for your store effortlessly. These tools are able to find products that do not catch your eye along with the bestselling – winning products.


What are the Best Niche Finder Tools to find your dropshipping products

We know that you are a smart worker and can find products on your own but what if you can save effort and time. Let’s have a look at a few research tools that lessen up your workload to multiple counts.

1. AutoDS Finder

What if you do not have to spy on other stores, and a tool does it for you? AutoDS Finder is such a dropshipping products finder that scans different stores and sellers to find the best products. A single click with this tool can help you find more than 100 bestselling items in a minute.

It doesn’t matter if you need a dropshipping products research tool for Amazon, eBay, Walmart, AliExpress or HomeDepot until you have AutoDS Finder. This tool scans above 40k sellers on eBay alone to provide you with the best products.

However, there is one demerit that you cannot specify a particular niche for your product search.


2.Products Sniper

Some tools search products for us based on how much they sell, but they do not exactly tell these products’ profitability. Products Sniper, on the other hand, searches for profitable products on AliExpress. You can easily use the toll with your chrome extension and explore in a few seconds.

It allows you to save the chosen products on the dashboard and export them all together. The best part is that Products Sniper is an affordable dropshipping products searching tool with excellent efficiency.


3.Dropship Spy

As the name says, Dropship Spy spies on various stores to see what is selling hot. It is relatively a better choice for users who have not used research tools previously and are new to this business. Check out the features of Dropship Spy to see how useful it can be for searching dropshipping products.

  • Winning Products
  • Promising Products
  • Product Information and Analytics

Winning products and Promising products offer a wide range of products that are either best sellers or have the potential to become best sellers based on their current sales.

With Product Information and Analytics, you can get essential information about products such as supplier information, product reviews, sales reports, engagement rating, etc.

You can get all of this in a very economical package of $20 per month by Dropship Spy.

Learn more about Dropship Spy here


4. Find Niche

Some sellers feel like it is better to search for a specific niche rather than gather items randomly. Find Niche is the perfect choice for such store-owners who want a tool to find the most asked-for products and just put them directly in the store without much hassle. With this tool, you can find out what other stores with similar niches are selling and how the products are doing. However, while using Find Niche, you would not be able to categorize or filter the products on “dropshipping.”

Find Niche has three payment plans, one of which is a free one. Named as the “free” plan, it does not cost you anything and allows 5 queries a day. Other payment plans are Pro and Elite for $29 and $59, respectively.


5. Niche Scraper

When we come across a few tools, we presume that they are meant for a specific e-commerce business. However, it is not the same for Niche Scraper. Niche Scraper allows you to find top selling products relevant to your niche. The overall function of Niche Scraper is defined by its four services, including the product scraper, hand-picked, store analysis, and video ad maker.

The product scraper not only finds out the top-selling products for you but also informs you about the increase or decrease in sales of those products along with sales data of the last seven days.

Another amazing feature is the store analysis that lets you keep an eye on other stores’ activities and their product trends. You can judge the sales of the products and decide for yourself if you want to add that product to your store.

Get to know more about Niche Scraper here


Fig 3. Niche Scraper



6. Shop Inspect

Shop Inspect is another tool on the list that lets you check other stores and find out the perfect dropshipping products for your store. This research tool offers a number of tasks, including

  • Hot trending products
  • Shopify products
  • Shopify shop search
  • Top Shopify stores
  • Trending Shopify stores
  • Premium videos
  • My videos
  • My favorites

Shop Inspect does not provide as extensive information about a product as many other research tools. Yet, it gives most of the important data regarding an item on the store like factory price, shipping cost, total cost, recommended selling price, etc.

This dropshipping products research tool has a monthly and annual payment plan. The cost is $47 per month, but you can cut it to less than half at $19/month if you pay annually. Additionally, you can use the tool for free for a few searches.

Find out how Shop Inspect works



Wefullfill is another wonderful platform that allows you to find the best products for your niche. You can install the Wefullfill app to get started and get everything you are looking for. Wefullfill is a perfect place to improve your dropshipping products business. Download it today and find the products that can add value to your business and help it bloom.

Check everything about Wefullfill here




Many of these tools come with a payment plan, while others are free. But, when you begin a business and are looking forward to success, investing is not absurd. If you like a tool with an annual fee subscription and feel like that tool can help your dropshipping products business, do not hesitate to buy.

However, if you are skeptical about spending money, try one of those tools that are free of cost, and upgrade later.

“The biggest risk of all is not taking one” — Mellody Hobson

So, invest in taking the risk you can afford and give your best effort to get the result you are looking forward to.


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