Where can you get theme templates to make your Shopify store better?

Where can you get theme templates to make your Shopify store better?

January 6, 2021

The timeless illustrator Paul Cookson says, “Websites promote you 24/7: No employee will do that.” And we cannot deny his expertise.

Websites are an excellent medium to promote your business and are widely accessed by people globally. You can find a website relating to every niche on the internet. Shopify understands that people create websites of all kinds to provide a permanent marketing platform for their brand. Since the invention of the world wide web (www) in 1989, people have used websites extensively for promotional purposes.

Over the past years, Shopify has made it easier for everyone to create a website apart from the complicated programming processes. Now, you don’t need a professional degree in software to make a website. You can build a website for your business yourself if you have enough knowledge to create a website.

Shopify, along with Shopify dropshipping, allows you to create a website and expand your business to different regions globally.


What is Shopify?

Shopify has come out as an excellent aid for businesspeople who want to run all aspects of their business themselves. If you’re going to do everything on your own, from creating a website to managing products, you only need to know Shopify in-depth. Shopify is a software subscription that allows you to create websites and manage them as stores on Shopify. The admin panel on Shopify offers easy access to the admin panel where you can make changes in your store like adding products, processing data, adding themes, etc.

If you know about Shopify, you would know the vital role themes play on a Shopify website. Themes are to Shopify websites what face is to our body. They make your website look great and stand out among others with an exceptional user experience.


What are Shopify themes?

Shopify themes are basically the overall outlook of your website. The various available themes give a different look to your theme and make it unique from others. It saves the websites from being monotonous and looking identical to each other. You can add specific elements to your website to make it stand out among others and attract potential customers.


What to consider while selecting a Shopify theme?

With so many kinds of themes available on Shopify, you might get overwhelmed while selecting one for your store. Shopify dropshipping is easy when you have a responsive and attractive website. Consider these few factors while choosing a Shopify theme for your website.


Understand your needs

The most crucial part of choosing a theme for your Shopify dropshipping store is choosing a theme that complies with your needs. The wide variety of themes on Shopify comes with its own set of features. Some have lesser yet more attractive ones, whereas others have a larger number of features. However, it is up to you to select the one that covers most of your needs. Having a theme with fascinating features is a good idea, but having one with more features is always better.

Now a question arises that what to do if a theme with one particular feature feels equally good as one with more characteristics? It is up to you, yet choosing a theme with more features would be better as you can get that particular feature integrated through a developer.


Look beyond your brand

Your brand and product are important while selecting a theme for your website, yet sometimes you need to look beyond your brand. A Shopify dropshipping theme that looks good and suits your brand theme might not provide all the essential features and functionality you are looking for. Research and go through numerous themes before selecting one for your website to ensure that you get the best out of it. A few factors worth considering include the layout, responsiveness, user experience, usability, etc.



Ensure mobile responsiveness

Around 80% of people globally make purchases through their mobile phones. While choosing a theme for your Shopify dropshipping store, keep in mind that the mobile view is as important as the desktop view. The users should be able to navigate through your website conveniently on the mobile phone and make purchases.

Moreover, check if the theme is conversion optimized. You might be wondering that all themes must be conversion-optimized, but it is not so. Some themes possess features that have the potential to convert your visitors into customers. Look for those that offer simpler checkout, cart, and payment options.



Understand Shopify’s limitations

Shopify is an excellent platform for creating a website for your brand. But like every platform, it also has some limitations. If you think that you will come across a theme with everything you are looking for, it might not be the case. All Shopify dropshipping themes are exceptional with their unique characteristics, yet finding the perfect theme is a bit of a job at Shopify.

The easiest way to make sure that you get the best of what you are looking for is to make a list of features you want. Now find themes that match most of your requirements, if not all. You can get a developer to add those additional features to your website. If you already have most of the features, the addition of a few would not cost an arm and a leg. Keeping a note of your budget will also help you understand how many additional features you can afford by a developer.

Make sure only to get the essential ones and not overspend on unneeded features that would not be very fruitful.


Where to get theme templates to make your Shopify store better?

You can improve your Shopify dropshipping store by selecting a theme that generates more sales and look aesthetic. As we already mentioned that some themes have an enhanced potential for conversions.

We have compiled a list of the best themes and templates for your Shopify dropshipping store.



What’s better than having an amazing Shopify theme that does not cost you anything? The Venture is a free Shopify dropshipping theme with all the modern features and is perfect for outdoor products.

Venture offers a considerable space for a banner where you can describe your business briefly and catch everyone’s attention. Also, it has a style specifically designed for outdoor and sports brands. Other noticeable features of Venture include

  • Space for a huge banner image along with overlying text to give a proper outlook of your brand.
  • You can feature top products on the menu.
  • The menu is multi-column and allows you to showcase a wide variety of products with descriptions.
  • Venture has several tools that allow filtering and managing your Shopify dropshipping store.
  • The website does not look cluttered, with enough space for the depiction of each product.
Fig 1. Shopify theme - Venture
Fig 1. Shopify theme – Venture



Vantage has become one of the most popular themes for rising entrepreneurs to catch the attention of visitors.

Let’s see what makes Vantage liked among others:

  • Vantage is one of the top themes with conversion optimization.
  • The conversions are made possible by offering a user-friendly experience such as a visible cart option on mobile phones and banners with promotions.
  • The product flags allow customers to differentiate categories from one another makes it easy for them to identify changes and improvements from the last visit.
  • The cart is present in the top middle on the mobile view to make multiple purchases convenient and edit the cart items.



Retina can just be the right choice for your Shopify dropshipping store if you are inclined towards modern approaches and social media. Retina has four different layouts optimal for fashion items, apparel, furniture, and house décor items. You can preview these designs to find out the one that matches your liking. However, you can modify them according to your brand theme.

The designs by Retina provide you an opportunity to choose several layouts, yet they have similar features.

  • Retina features a pop-up tool that you can use to add promotions and invite people to join your email subscription list.
  • Enable the header to add featured products or welcome potential customers to the store.
  • Each category on the menu has a “quick shop” button that displays all the products of that category and helps to hike sales. The quick shop window has been shown to increase conversion rates by 6%.
  • Moreover, Retina also has an inbuilt filter option that saves your customer’s time to find a product and results in quick conversions.
Fig 2. Shopify Theme - Retina
Fig 2. Shopify Theme – Retina



While we see that many of the theme templates for Shopify dropshipping stores are specific to types of articles, styles stand out. Styles is like cream on the cake and goes well with every kind of store.

The homepage does not have a large banner like others, and you might be surprised to know that smaller banners attract more customers. If your products are well aligned and not congested in one place, the visitor would be interested in looking at them before moving forward.

You can check out the theme, and it might match all your needs for your Shopify dropshipping store.



Annabelle is another free theme template that you can get through a third-party developer. You have a range of choices to choose from full-width sliders and overflow.

A few features to keep in mind while selecting Annabelle include

  • The multi-column look of the homepage is the cherry on top. It is always easy for the visitor to scroll through your Shopify dropshipping store if it has a unique place for different products.
  • You can add as many columns for products as you want and categorize them by your choice.
  • The customers can zoom in to your products to get a more appropriate view and decide before buying a product.
  • You can add your Instagram handle and create a gallery to gain more followers.
  • Most importantly, Annabelle offers a featured products area for the users to scroll and check the promotions and products.


Turbo is a highly responsive Shopify theme template for your Shopify dropshipping store. The best feature of the store is that it is Turbo as the name suggests. It has the ability to cater to a large number of products without any loading glitches. It is designed to perform swiftly even with a higher number of products.

  • It has a promotional section to add a banner to promote your product or describe your brand.
  • Not many templates offer menus with images in them, but Turbo does. It enables you to add a long drop-down menu conveniently and add pictures to make it catchy.
  • If you want to engage with the audience directly, use the storytelling and team intro feature on your Shopify dropshipping store.

Turbo comes with a number of features that are not a characteristic of many other theme templates, making it a premium choice for your Shopify dropshipping store.

Fig 3. Shopify Theme - Turbo
Fig 3. Shopify Theme – Turbo



We know that many people do not like complicated features and themes, and that is why we have Outstock on the list. Outstock is a minimal theme that works on drag-and-drop functionality. Have a look at the characteristics of Outstock to decide for yourself.

  • It offers a timeless and classy outlook with a sophisticated font and subtle colors for your website.
  • You can add color swatches to your product very conveniently with Outstock.
  • The “lookbook” can be simply called a catalog where you can showcase your items aesthetically. Customers can click on the relevant pictures to find details of the product.

Outstock does not have only one layout but a number of them for you to demo and select from. You can choose the one that lies nearest to your needs and add any additional features if required.


How to add themes in Shopify?

When you open a Shopify dropshipping account, don’t be worried to see that it already has a theme. You can add another theme anytime you want.

There are three ways of adding themes to your Shopify account.

  1. Add a free theme through the admin settings.
  2. Buy a premium theme from the Shopify Theme store and publish it once you have bought it. Shopify theme store allows you to try the Shopify dropshipping theme template before you purchase it.
  3. Upload a theme through your computer if you already have one in .zip file.


How to change your Shopify account theme?

When you add or purchase a new theme to your Shopify dropshipping account, they go to the theme library in the themes section.

  • You can go to the list of themes and publish whichever you want.
  • The old themes remain in the theme library for you to u


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