Dropshipping Success Rate: The Ultimate Guide | Wefullfill

Dropshipping Success Rate: The Ultimate Guide | Wefullfill

October 13, 2022

Dropshipping success rate: The ultimate guide for 2022

Dropshipping Success Rate

Dropshipping is a popular business nowadays. The dropshipping success rate depends on your strategy. Many people are running successful business stores with the least investment. You can also run a dropshipping business by opting for the right products. Wefullfill can help you set up a successful dropshipping business anywhere in the world. Let’s tell you everything you need to know about dropshipping success rate.

What’s the Average Dropshipping Success Rate?

While dropshipping has become quite popular in recent times, the success rate depends on different factors. The average success rate of dropshippingis around 10% – 20%. It seems low, but you can be one of them.

Many people know dropshipping success depends on products, sourcing, and customer service.

But, there is one thing most drop shippers miss – marketing!

Many new drop shippers do not understand where to market their products. Advertising your products to the right audience on the right platform is important. TikTok and Facebook are the most-used platforms for marketing nowadays. Understanding your target customers will help you choose the right marketing strategy. These aspects play a major role in dropshipping business success.

How to Improve Your Dropshipping Success Rate?

Dropshipping is easy, but not as easy as you think. Only 10 to 20 percent of drop shippers are successful. But you can be one of them.

Keep reading to know how to be successful in drophipping.

Pick High Demand Products

You might think, ‘I know this already.’ But do you know how to choose high-demand products?

Clients often mention the recent trending products when we talk about high-demand products. Yet, the trending products don’t need to always be high in demand. Besides the trending products, do not forget evergreen products.

Trendy products do not always stay in demand. Evergreen products ensure a steady income, improving your dropshipping success rate.

Some of the evergreen niches are beauty, jewelry, and fitness. Phone accessories, security cameras, and clothing, are also popular.

Set a Least Margin

Sometimes drop shippers omit dropshipping because of low profits. As we mentioned, dropshipping does not make you rich overnight. But bad strategies will never let you become rich.

You must choose products that give you enough margin. It is also important to set the least margin percentage on your products. Experts suggest keeping at least a 20% margin on your products for good overall profits.

Some products may also allow you to keep a higher profit. So, do not stick to the numbers. Set a minimum margin and increase it where possible. Also, keep the competitor’s price in mind. It is okay to keep a price slightly higher than competitors when you have a loyal customer base.

Low Competition Products

Many products gain popularity immediately. But, you cannot still find them at many stores. It is best to choose such products. They allow you to be unique and fulfill the customer’s demands. You also do not have to look out for many competitors.

The low competition products must be in-demand. Sometimes drop shippers make the mistake of choosing low-competition, low-demand products. Due to lower demand, those products do not bring in any orders. Make sure to opt for a demanded product that many people are not selling.

The most important element in this regard is finding a reliable vendor. Especially if you are not in the loop with a dropshipping company. Picking the wrong vendor can decrease your success rate of dropshipping. You may also lose your customers when you do not have the products they need. Choose wisely!

Narrowly Targeted Niches

Choosing the niche of interest is also important for selecting a product. It lets you pick products within the popular niches. Narrowly targeted niches do not mean products with a declining or low demand. Instead, it means finding products and targeting a narrow group.

For example, many drop shippers choose a wide niche, such as toys for children. It may seem a like a good idea. But picking random products and adding them to the store will do no good. Research thoroughly about the kind of toys that sell the most.

When you have the data, you can pick the most-liked products. This way, you can make use of popular niches without overcrowding. It will differentiate you from other dropshipping businesses and help build successful dropshipping stores.Your target customers will also find you and become returning customers.

Appropriate Marketing

The right marketing strategy plays a major role in dropshipping success rate. Many dropshippers fail because they do not choose the right marketing channel. You must market your store according to your target customers. The demographics and interests of targeted customers will help understand a suitable marketing approach.

If you have not thought of video marketing, it is high time you do so. Video marketing shows a much higher conversion rate than traditional marketing. It might be a little expensive, but worth it!

You will see the results of the correct marketing methods sooner than expected.

Improved Customer Service

If nobody told you, impeccable customer service is the foremost rule for any business’s success. Customers appreciate it when businesses listen to their concerns. It is even better when you can offer a good solution.

Improving your customer service will enable you to improve your relationship with the customer. Thus, you will observe a boost in your success rate for dropshipping. Updating them about their orders and offering exchanges can be a good start. Businesses that ignore customer needs do not reach heights.

Split Testing

A/B split testing is always helpful when implementing new ideas. You can find out which approach is better liked by the customers. The best way to check responses is by changing one feature at once.

For example, text marketing to one half and video marketing to the other half of the audience. It can help you find which type of marketing works better for you. To find the best, you can check various factors through A/B split testing.

Connect to a Dropshipping Company

Dropshipping companies are experienced in managing business and can help you with successful dropshipping stores. They can help you find the right niche and products for your business. They may also store and ship the products for you. It will save you from the effort of managing the inventory. Many dropshipping companies also offer customer support. The expertise of dropshipping companies like Wefullfill can be beneficial for your dropshipping business.


  • what is the success rate of dropshipping? 

The success rate of dropshipping is around 10 to 20%. While it seems low, you can beat others and runsuccessful dropshipping stores. Understand the tactics or connect to a dropshipping company like Wefullfill to manage your business.

  • How to be successful in dropshipping? 

Dropshipping success depends on your products, vendors, and shipping. Your marketing and customer service also play a major role. Yet, the most important elements are dedication and consistency. Implement your strategies keeping your values in mind. Nothing can stop you from being successful.

  • What Is the Dropshipping Success Rate in Australia?

The dropshipping success rate in Australia is between 10 and 20 per cent. Many dropshippers join the business every month. Some succeed, while most of them fail. It is majorly due to a lack of expertise in the business. Running a successful dropshipping business in Australia is possible when you know all about it. Getting in touch with dropshipping companies can help you boost your sales.

  • Is Dropshipping Still Profitable??

Yes. Dropshipping is still profitable. Yet, it is not the best choice for you if you want quick money. Steady income starts when you have a loyal customer base. Dropshippers earn $100,000 on average every year. So, it can be good as a side business.

  • Why Do People Fail With Dropshipping??

There could be multiple reasons for a failed dropshipping business. Some fail because of a bad supplier. Whereas others may fail due to unsatisfactory customer service. Improper marketing is another reason for failing dropshipping businesses.


The average dropshipping success rate is 10 – 20%. Many dropshipping businesses fail because they do not have the right marketing strategy. Dropshipping success is also low when you have a bad vendor or low-profit margins. You can run successful dropshipping stores by managing the profits and choosing a modern marketing approach. Connecting to a dropshipping company is a good idea if you do not have insights into the dropshipping world. They manage the business on your behalf while you enjoy the profits.

shailesh is a Design Founder & Advisor, Berlin School of Creative Leadership Executive MBA participant, Zippie advisor, Wolt co-founder, and Nordic Rose stakeholder.

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