15 W Fast Wireless Car Mobile Holder and QI Charger- USB Cable


Keep your mobile phone fully charged while
driving in your car with this Fast Wireless Car Mobile Phone Holder and
Charger. It holds your phone stably, enabling you to navigate with ease while
charging your phone at the same time.


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Product Description:

This Mobile Phone Holder and Wireless Charger uses
automatic magnetic induction. Its clamping arms can automatically open and
close. The automatic closing function is achieved by foreign-body detection
(FOD) which ensures that the clamping arms are more stable and higher-tech
compared to older modules and they do not open by themselves. Under the
clamping arms, there are 2 metal buttons to activate the clamping arms.

This 15 W fast wireless charger comes with the main
control chip HC5703C, optimized from 5 V1A to 9 V2A. The maximum power reaches
15 W and for iPhones, the maximum input power is 7.5 W. Samsung and other
phones with an Android system can reach 10 W, and for Xiaomi 9, LG v50 etc., it
can even reach 15 W.

Due to its built-in supercapacitor, you can still
easily open the clamping arms electrically when the car is stationary and
remove your mobile phone. Please note: The capacitor battery level is only
sufficient for two or three switch-on. The C914 engine is equipped with the
latest technology and has a noise level of less than 20dB.

To make it stronger and more durable, we only used
materials that have passed our destruction testing. You can rotate the clamps
360° and the screen can be displayed in landscape (horizontal). The palette is
stretchable and it is recommended to adjust the palette to the appropriate
scale according to the size of the mobile phone to achieve the best charging


Product Specification:

Color: Black

Material: ABS, Acrylic

Size: 115*96.5*67mm

Weight: 107g

Functions: Mobile Phone Wireless Car Charger

Operating frequency: 110 ~ 205 kHz

Suitable for: 4.5 to 7.5 inch mobile phones


Package Inclusion:

1 * Wireless car charger holder

1 * Air outlet clip

1 * USB cable

1 * User manual




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