Mini Cooling Fan Bladeless Mist Humidifier w/ LED Light- USB Charging


This is a Bladeless fan, more comfortable
with natural air. Without exposed blades, there is no possibility of harm to
people and pets by blade cut, especially safe for children.

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3-in-1 design, portable and practical.
Without a leaf fan, natural air is more comfortable. 
Without blades exposed no possibility to hurt people and pets by blade cutting, especially safe for kids.

This fan emits a mixture of wind and mist,
reducing the wind temperature and increasing the humidity of the wind. The
temperature drops around 2℃, bringing a cool feeling. 

It comes with 3 levels of wind adjustment. You
can adjust it to the most suitable speed to give you a cool feeling in the hot

When the fan is on, the ambient light will
turn on at the same time, and the light can be turned off when the light is not

The fan has a USB power supply function, it
can be connected to any device with a USB charging port for use, it does not
take up space, and it is easy to carry. Also, it has a pretty design that is
enough to attract attention.



Color: White

Material: ABS, PC

Size: 129 x 145 x 227mm

Weight: 630g

Functions: Mini Cooling Fan

Power Supply: USB

Input Voltage: 5V/2A

Fan Power: 8W

Light Power: 1W

Humidifier Power: 1.5W

Humidifying Time: 1 h

LED Color Temperature: 3000K

Water Capacity: 30ml

Mist Vent: One

Adjustable Speed: 0-3 Levels

Maximum DB: 40db



1 * Mini Cooling Fan

1 * USB Power Cable

1 * User Manual

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