3-in-1 Pet Bathing Tool Sprayer Massage Glove and Pet Hair Remover


This is the perfect solution to the stress
and mess that comes with trying to give your favorite pet a bath. This pet
shower sprayer attachment set is ideal for messy cats, dogs, horses, or any
other pet baths! This unique pet bathing tool is a dog shower sprayer and
scrubber rolled into one product and includes everything you need for an easy
pet grooming solution.

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This pet bathing tool performs three
different functions. It is a shower sprayer, grooming glove, and hair remover,
making your pets enjoy their shower and massage at the same time. You can use
it to massage your dog first, use it to remove their dead hair, then give them
a very comfortable shower to finish it off.

This Bath Glove imitates the hand when it
touches your pet to provide a soft and relaxing massage. It helps improve their
blood circulation and free their fur from any materials which could cause skin

The set comes with 3 faucet adapters, this
pet bathing tool can be used in indoors or outdoors. No need to tie one kind of
tap and increase the flexibility. The hose length is 2.5m, enabling you to
completely use this inside your bathroom or garden, making it easy to bathe and
clean your dog.

This Pet Bathing Glove is different from
the traditional harsh rubber glove
. The pet
shower sprayer is made of eco-friendly materials like silica gel, nylon upper
and environmental PVC. Only good quality materials are used, making the gloves
more durable and the water hose will not blast off of the glove.

This Pet Bathing Glove is one size fit all,
perfect for long, short and curly-haired dogs, cats, horses, bunnies and other
pets, it helps groom their hair quickly, gently and effectively, it has an adjustable wrist strap for a more comfortable fit.



Color: Blue

Material: Silicone, ABS

Length: 2.5m

Weight: 425g

Functions: Pet Bathing Tool



1 * Pet Massage Glove

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