3-Mode Multifunctional Massage Shower Head


Introducing high-quality ABS showerhead: safe, durable, and
environmentally friendly. Choose from multiple modes for personalized bathing
and enjoy a relaxing head massage. With a built-in filter, water stays clean,
and the smooth surface ensures a comfortable grip for all ages. Upgrade your
shower experience today!

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Product Description:

your bathing experience with this 3-Mode Multifunctional Massage Shower Head.
Crafted from high-quality ABS material, it ensures safety, environmental
friendliness, and durability.

shower head stands out from regular options with its 3 spray modes and scalp
massage function, featuring 22 massage strips for a luxurious SPA-level
experience. Make your bath time truly enjoyable.

with a high-quality PP filter, this handheld shower head guarantees clean and
safe water usage. It effectively reduces impurities, heavy metals, and
chlorine, resulting in smoother and healthier skin and hair.

multiple modes to choose from, this shower head caters to individual
preferences, while the massage function offers a relaxing head massage,
promoting ultimate relaxation during bathing.

thorough rinsing and enjoy clean water, thanks to the built-in filter. The
shower head’s smooth surface ensures a comfortable grip for users of all ages.


Product Specification:

Color: Grey

Weight: 450g

Shower Head Material: ABS

Shower Hose Material: PVC

Shower Hose Length: 1.5m

Size: 25 x 7.5cm

Function: 3 Modes Massage Shower Head

Package Inclusion:

1 x Shower Head

1 x Cotton Filter

1 x Shower Hose

1 x Manual

Additional information

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