3 in 1 Silicone Bottle and Teat Cleaning Brush


Clean your baby’s bottles thoroughly with this silicone
brush set. It comes with different types of brushes for different functions,
enabling you to reach all of the nooks and crannies of the bottles to make sure
that they are clean enough for your baby’s use.

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Product Description:

The silicone bottle brush heads are all made of food-grade contactable silica gel, BPA-free, and have no peculiar smell, so you can rest assured that it is safe to use to clean the baby’s bottle.

The bristles are densely packed and a small amount of cleaning is poured in to create delicate foam, which makes the cleaning more effective. It also helps you save by using just the right amount of cleaner.  

The silicone brush head is soft and flexible and can go deep into the bottom of the bottle and fit at any angle of the bottle body to clean without dead ends. It can also be used to clean other stuff, such as straws and cups.

The brush set is made of silicone material, so does not absorb water after cleaning, and there will be no residual water stains in the gaps, so you can easily keep it dry to prevent it from growing molds and bacteria.

The soft silicone bottle brush head will not scratch the bottle body and will not deform. The long, comfortable, ergonomic handle is perfect for cleaning hard-to-reach places.

Three-in-one set, hidden integrated storage, the straw brush and pacifier brush are hidden in the body, perfectly combined with the bottle brush, easy to disassemble and store. 


Color: Blue, Green, Red

Material: Silicone + PP

Length: 28.5cm

Weight: 115g

Function: Baby Bottle Cleaning Brush

Package Inclusion:

1 x Silicone Brush

1 x Pacifier Brush

1 x Straw Brush

Additional information

Weight0.15 kg

Blue, Green, Red


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