525 Pcs Luminous Solar System Glow in the Dark Wall Ceiling Stickers


Cultivate your child’s interest in space with these luminous
stickers. It comes with stars of different sizes and planets, which lets you
decorate your child’s space according to what they want. 

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These glow-in-the-dark stickers are made of environmentally
friendly PVC, perfectly safe for you and your child’s health. The light
material is waterproof, non-toxic, environmentally friendly, and suitable
for all ages.

These stickers are made of a special fluorescent luminous
film that will glow for 8 hours or more after just a few hours of charging under the light. Please place them in a place with access to sufficient daylight or artificial
light for best results.

The 3D wall sticker with luminous planets and space stars
acts like a night light that helps them feel safe in the dark. Your child will
drift off into a sweet dream, as they are no longer afraid of the dark and wake
up refreshed.

The glowing set is not only suitable for the wall but also
for a practical guide at night. You can put it on light switches, door handles,
door frames, or floorboards. Before sticking, the surface must be cleaned,
which can stick firmly and will not fall off unless removed.


Color: Green

Material: PVC

Round Size: 12cm, 9 cm, 11 x 5.2cm, 7cm, 6cm, 5cm, 3cm

Moon Size: 11cm

Star Size: 2.5cm,
1.5cm, 1cm, 0.4cm

Weight: 70g

Function: Stickers

Package Inclusion:

1 x Sun

9 x Solar system planets

24 x 2.5cm Stars

157 x 1.5cm Stars

179 x 1cm Stars

154 x 0.4cm Stars

1 x Moon

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