5pcs Colorful Sun Catcher Rainbow Prism Evil Eye Window Sticker


Ward off the birds who love pecking your windows while making them attractive with this evil-eye suncatcher. It can be pasted on your glass windows, can reflect rainbows when is hit by the sun, and can be removed without leaving any residue.

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Product Description:

Capture the sun’s rays and turn them into bright rainbows indoors. These good-looking window decals can act as a deterrent to bird strikes and prevent birds from hitting your sliding glass door.

Create a unique window display by pasting these window stickers on glass doors, balcony doors, and sliding glass doors. Just ensure that the glass surface is smooth and clean so it will stick for a long time. 

The window decals are made of electrostatic adsorption and can be applied by spraying water without adhesive, which means that they will not cause lasting damage to your window; can be easily removed to adjust the position

The window stickers are made of high-quality materials, firmly attached to the window, and are easy to peel off. They can all be removed from the window without leaving a sticky residue.

Product Specification:

Color: Blue

Material: PVC

Size: 12*12cm

Weight: 12g/pc

Function: Window Sticker

Package Inclusion:

5 x Evil Eye Suncatcher

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