A4 Jujutsu Kaisen Anime Art Light Painting Table Decor- USB Rechargeable


Show your appreciation for art and display this light painting on your wall. It shows 2 different look, which changes when you open the light, with superimposed colors and lights to create a mesmerizing art. 

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Product Description:

This Light Photo Frame is composed of multiple color layers superimposed to form a dreamy soft light, each layer has a unique contour design, creating a warm atmosphere for your room.

This lamp uses a photo frame design, and the pictures show various scenery shots. Turning on the lamp will create a different scene style, suitable to use as a wall decoration for your home.

This light decoration painting is not only a painting but also can bring you visual beauty and create different atmospheres and emotions through changes in lighting. It features art from the anime Jujutsu no Kaisen, which adds a different charm to your home. 

Product Specification:

Color: Brown

Material: PP

Size: 228 x 46 x 318 mm

Weight: 400g

Charging Time:3 hours

Usage Time:5 hours

Function: Light Painting 

Package Inclusion:

1 x A4 Light Painting 

1 x USB Cable 

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Weight1.4 kg


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