Automatic Rebound Ab Wheel Roller with Timer Exercise Equipment


Upgrade your abdominal exercises and push your core to its
limits with this Ab Wheel Roller. It comes with a timer so you will monitor how
long it will take each repetition so you can time and increase your routine

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This ab roller adopts automatic rebound technology, which
helps protect muscles from stress during exercise. Moreover, the auto-rebound
feature helps beginners tighten their core, standardize movement, and exercise for more extended periods. The built-in smart braking system makes
the rebound smoother and protects the user from injury.

Aside from doing traditional exercises, you can also use
this to practice doing planks with this roller serving as your support to fully
exercise and tone your core muscles, including your arm, chest,
abdomen, back, buttocks, and lower body muscles, etc.

It has an upgraded design, where it has 105MM wide front
and rear wheels for smooth rolling and better control. It can help you exercise
every muscle and core while controlling your body more safely, especially for
beginners. It also comes with a timer, so you can monitor how many reps you can
do within a specific time frame.

The roller is wrapped with soft material, which has a good
sound insulation effect. It is safer to use and won’t hurt the floor. The
thickened foam pad design protects the elbows from damage during long-time
exercise. It is non-slip, sweat-absorbent, comfortable, fade-resistant and
durable, will not make noise or scratch the floor, and has a longer service




Color: Blue, Orange

Material: Metal

Size: 42 x 37 x 18 cm

Weight: 1.35kg

Function: Abdominal Wheel



Package Inclusion:

1 x Abdominal Wheel

Additional information

Weight1.4 kg

Blue, Orange


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