Automatic Vacuum Food Sealer for Commercial and Household Use Food Packing Machine


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Product Description:

This vacuum sealer is made of high-quality ABS material,
exquisite workmanship, very practical, and durable. It can be used at home or
commercially. Save your leftover food or snacks by using this powerful food
packer. It also works for grocery bags to keep your produce and veggies fresh.

By using this product, it helps preserve the nutrients, flavor,
and longevity of your food with an easy to use vacuum system. Keep food fresh
and seasoned and reduce waste, saves you money in the long run.

This vacuum works by removing most of the oxygen in the bag; it
reduces the rate of oxidation, the growth of microorganisms, and mold that
causes bacteria, preserving its nutrition and freshness.

This food packer has a built-in cutter that can easily seal and
cut the sealed bag. It has an excellent sealing function can avoid crushing
your delicate food.

In addition to that, this vacuum can also protect non-food
items. Keep camping and boat supplies dry and organized for outings. It also
helps protect polished silver from tarnishing by minimizing exposure to air.


Product Specifications:

Color: Black, White

Material: ABS

Size: 65mm*82mm*355mm

Weight: 0.12kg

Sealing Length: 30 cm

Voltage: 220v-240v

Plugs: US, UK, EU


Package Inclusion:

1 x Vacuum Sealer


Additional information

Weight0.12 kg

Black-US, White-US, Black-UK, White-UK, Black-EU, White-EU


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