Crocodile Teeth Finger Biting Children’s Decompression Toy- Battery Operated


Make your family play time fun time with this finger-biting toy. It is made with durable materials that are soft and will not hurt
your finger when it gets bitten. It is powered using batteries, perfect for children
over 4 yrs of age.

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Product Description:

This children’s toy is made of environmentally friendly
plastic which is durable and safe enough for children to use.

It is suitable for children over 4 years and is perfect to
use during family night to make your children happy and excited.

Using this interactive toy will help develop children’s
ability to react, enhances their hand and eye coordination, and lets them develop
courage by facing their fears of getting bitten.

To play, the mouth of the crocodile remains open. You get
turns on pressing a tooth and when you press on an injured tooth, the crocodile
bites your finger.




Color: Green

Material: ABS, Rubber

Size: 20*9.5cm

Weight: 250g

Function: Kid’s Toy

Battery: 2 x AAA batteries (not included)



Package Inclusion:

1 x Finger Biting Toy

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