Electric Egg Roll Machine Egg Rolled Omelet Cooker Machine- US Plug


Cook your favorite egg rolls perfectly all
the time with this Electric Egg Roll Machine. This device produces the tastiest
eggs, in the most convenient way without turning the stove on. This item is
perfect for kids in teaching them how to create their own breakfast.

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Product Description:

The egg roll is one of the easiest foods to
make and the perfect nutritional supplement station for your baby. This egg
roll maker is a fully automatic breakfast cooker, which enables you to mix and
match your favorite ingredients that your little ones will surely love.

This egg roll machine is made out of ABS
and Stainless-Steel material, completely non-toxic and safe for human consumption.
This durable non-stick cooking box is easy to use and clean. To clean the Egg Roll
Cooker, use the supplied brush and push it to the bottom of the cooking
chamber, then move the brush in a twisting motion followed by reciprocating (up
and down) motion.

To use the machine, plug the device and preheat
for 2-3mins. Pour in a small amount of oil, and use the auxiliary rod to push
up and down to make the oil evenly reach the internal wall of the machine, then
heat the oil. When the green light is on, pour the prepared eggs or other food
you want into the egg roller. Insert the bamboo stick and let the egg roll cook
and it will rise. After rising, remove the cooked egg roll and serve

Note: Remember
to turn off the switch and then unplug it after use.


Product Specification:

Color: White, Green

Material: ABS, Stainless Steel

Size: 90*90*210mm

Weight: 400g

Functions: Egg Cooker

Capacity: up to 2 eggs

Rated voltage: 220V

Plug: US


Package Inclusion:

1 * Host

1 * Push Stick

1 * Bamboo Stick

1 * Clear Brush

1 * Power Cord (US Plug) 

1 * User Manual

Additional information

Weight0.5 kg

White, Green


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