Ergonomic Mouse Pad with Wrist Support Mouse Pad with Memory Foam Rest


Use your mouse comfortably for longer hours
with this Ergonomic Mouse Pad. This mouse pad is equipped with a memory foam
rest that provides a soft and comfortable feeling that eases the pain and stress
from your wrist due to long hours of using the computer. 

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Memory Foam Rest:
This ergonomic mouse pad is
equipped with a memory foam wrist rest that provides good touch and effective
support to your wrist. Our soft mouse pad reduces wrist stress that can lead to
repetitive motion disorders.

Fabric Covering:
The cloth used in this mousepad
underwent special treatment with 230°F in a high-pressure chamber. Our
premium-textured and high-quality Lycra cloth has a super smooth surface that allows
more accurate mouse movement to ensure smoother mouse control and pinpoint
accuracy. This mouse pad works well with a wired, wireless, optical, and
mechanical mouse.

Desktop Firmly:
The soft non-skid PU base grips the
desktop firmly, preventing the mouse pad from sliding to offer you a stable
operation and allowing you to freely move your mouse without interruption, no
need to worry about the mouse pad slipping away.

Shape and Size:
This is designed with an optimal
shape and size. You can move the mouse around easily and the pad shapes it
well. Moreover, the reinforced edges prevent deformation and damage to
guarantee long-term use.



Color: Black

Material: Lycar Cloth, Memory Foam

Size: 245mm * 195mm * 23mm

Weight: 300g

Functions: Mouse Pad



1 * Mouse Pad

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