Extended Gamepad Back Button PS4 Game Controller


This product is a PS4 Controller Paddles
handle extended button, you can control the mapping of the button function on
the back, supporting the TURBO burst function, bringing users a unique gaming

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This Extended Gamepad Back Button is
equipped with a unique paddles position. This design is more suitable for
players with small hands, bringing you unlimited fun and an awesome gaming

To use this gamepad, no other tools are
needed. Just plug in the controller, and do some simple settings to make sure
that the extended gamepad is safely attached to the controller to prevent it
from flying due to intense gameplay.

To use the gamepad effectively, the handle
must also have programming and memory programming functions when it is not
connected to Bluetooth and charging state.

To clear the cache: Long press the SET
button for 5 seconds, the LED will change from flashing to off.

To activate the memory function: Insert the
handle again and it will still have the last programming function. The factory
default has no definition.

To use the turbo function: Press the M1 /
​​2 and Turbo at the same time, the function key has Turbo continuous launch
function. Repeat this step to cancel.



Color: Black

Material: ABS

Size: 11*9.5*4.5CM

Weight: 46g

Functions: Wireless PS4 Controller

Sleep current: Less than 30uA

Working current: Less than 15uA

Power supply mode: EXT wired connection

Working voltage: DC3.0-3.3V

Compatibility: for original PS4 2nd
Generation Handle



1 * Back Button Attachment

1 * User Manual 

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