Fitness Hoop with Massage Rings with Detachable Segments


Start your fitness journey with this
Fitness Hula Hoop with Massage Rings. This hula hoop does not fall down, making
it perfect to use for amateurs and fitness enthusiasts as well.

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Product Description:

This fitness hoop is
composed of sections, which can increase or decrease the number of slides on
the main body to adjust the waist size; after adjusting, it can keep well
around your waist without falling.

The inner circumference
of the hula hoop is surrounded by shock-absorbing massage contacts which
effectively massages your muscles in 360-degree, bringing you more comfort and
speeding up calories burning while exercising.

With the help of an
extension cord, you can finish efficient exercises with very little time and
effort; the fat burning speed of our friendly hula hoop is 2-3 times that of
the traditional fitness hoops.

Each section is
connected by security screws and double lock catch so our exercise hoop can be
used with ease, providing you full comfort and safety when using.

This sports hoop is an
efficient tool that can provide you with a full exercise just as gyms; it is
also suitable for family exercise or family contest; recommended exercise
times: half an hour every day and 5 times a week.



Color: Pink, Blue,

Material: ABS

Size: 19 knots:
perimeter 110cm, suitable for 80cm waist circumference

21 knots: perimeter
120cm, suitable for 90cm waist circumference

24 knots: perimeter
135cm, suitable for 105cm waist circumference

Weight: 1.45kg

Functions: Exercising


Package Inclusion:

1 * Hula Hoop

1 * User Manual 


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Weight1.45 kg


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