Foldable Bedding Sheet Storage Box Linen Wardrobe Organizer


Effortlessly organize and maximize your storage space with this
Foldable Bedding Sheet Storage Box. With labeled compartments and a modular
design, it keeps your sheets in place and easily accessible. Crafted from
eco-friendly materials, it’s both sturdy and stylish. Simplify your life and
keep your linens neat with this convenient storage solution.

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Product Description:

organize and save time with this Foldable Bedding Sheet Storage Box Wardrobe
Organizer. With just three simple steps, your sheets will stay in place and be
easily accessible, eliminating the need for endless searching and refolding.

Maximize your
storage space with this innovative solution. The modular design of this storage
box compresses sheets, allowing you to neatly organize your closet and create
more room for additional storage.

Stay organized
and find what you need in seconds with the labeled storage boxes. The
convenient handles make it effortless to pull them from the closet and access
your linens with ease.

Crafted from
stylish and eco-friendly materials, this bed sheet storage box is both sturdy
and breathable. It not only keeps your linens in pristine condition but also
takes care of your hands and the environment.

Product Specification:

Color: Black, White, Grey, Beige

Weight: 750g

Material: Imitation Linen + Cardboard

Size: 38 x 32 x 11.5cm

Function: Bed Sheet Set Organizer

Package Inclusion:

1 x Storage Box

Additional information

Weight0.75 kg

Beige, White, Black, Grey


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