Lazy Assistant Holder Snacks Not Dirty Finger Chopsticks


Introducing finger clamp chopsticks, the clean and
convenient way to snack while gaming! Lightweight, ergonomic, and made of
food-grade ABS plastic, they keep your fingers oil-free and your gaming
performance on point. Say goodbye to messy fingers and hello to victory!

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Product Description:

This interestingly
designed finger chopsticks allow you to easily eat snacks when playing computer
or mobile games without worrying about getting your fingers dirty.

lightweight, excellent ergonomic design. It can be fixed on the finger for a
long time without affecting the operation of the finger.

of food-grade ABS plastic, easy to clean and reusable.

you play the game, the finger chopstick can make your screen or mouse free of
oil or powder. Therefore, you can get a better gaming experience and win the
game easily.

insert the index finger and middle finger into the opening hole of the finger
clamp chopsticks, and place the chopsticks above the fingers, you can easily
control the chopsticks to clamp the food and keep the fingers clean and


Product Specification:

Material: Food grade plastic

Color: black, white, gray, pink

Length: 9.5cm

Width: 3cm


Package Inclusion:

2/5/10 pair of Finger Chopsticks

Additional information

Weight0.012 kg

black x2, white x2, gray x2, pink x2, black x5, white x5, gray x5, pink x5, black x10, white x10, gray x10, pink x10


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