High Power Magnification Monocular Telescope with Smart Phone Holder


Look farther and see things beyond your
naked eye with this High-Powered Magnification Monocular Telescope. It can be
attached to your mobile phone so you can preserve and recreate the majestic
view and precious moments in no time.


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This high power Monocular provides multiple
levels of magnification with a 
22mm objective diameter wide lens. This monocular has a large field of view, with a high refractive index and is equipped with a multi-layer
enhanced green film that increases the light transmission for brighter and
higher-contrast images, even when the surroundings have low light.

This monocular is equipped with the latest
optics technology; BAK-4 prism and fully multi-coated lens that guarantees
superior light transmission. Our monocular has low-light-level night vision, it
could help you see things in low light (can’t see anything in complete
darkness), providing you an amazing viewing experience.

This monocular can be used in different
applications, can be used for both indoor and outdoor activities such as
hiking, sightseeing, bird watching, wall climbing, hunting, and others. The
light intensity may affect the focusing function of the product. Please adjust
it patiently and the view will be clearer.



Color: Black

Material: ABS, Lens

Weight: 480g

Functions: Monocular



1 * Monocular

1 * Lens Cover

1 * Stand

1 * Phone Holder

1 * Case

1 * Tie

1 * User Manual

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