High Pressure Tyre Inflator Multi-Purpose Portable Bicycle Hand Pump


This mini inflatable bike tube can not only inflate the
bike, equipped with ball needles so you can inflate sports balls as well as
swimming rings, inflatable toys, and mattresses.

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The bicycle pump is made of high-quality aluminum alloy
in the form of a hard shell and durable precision parts. The surface is treated
with anti-oxidation and is not easy to rust, which prolongs the service life of
the product.

It is very small and easy to carry and is especially
suitable to be put in a bag or suitcase when traveling, but you can still
assemble it. It is sturdy and durable, has very good sealing performance, is
ergonomically designed, and is slightly inflated.

The safe threaded valve connection provides an ultra-tight
seal and there is no air leakage during the pumping process. The bicycle pump
has a capacity of up to 140 psi, which can provide you with a powerful pumping
capacity in case of emergency.

This bike pump is perfectly compatible with Presta and
Schrader valves, easy to change valve with a secure thread on the valve
connection, allowing inflation for road bikes, mountain bikes, BMX, and kid’s bikes
with a waterproof seal and no air leakage.




Color: Black

Material: Aluminum

Size: 19.5 x 3 cm

Weight: 90g

Function: Tyre



Package Inclusion

1 x Inflator

1 x Mounting Frame

2 x Fixing Screw

1 x Balloon Nozzle

1 x Ball Nozzle

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