Interactive Kids and Adult Wooden Ring Toss Game for Gatherings and Parties


This wooden ring toss game adds a twist to your usual parties and gatherings. You can add penalties, dares, or fun punishment for the players who lose in the game. Both kids and adults can play this interactive game. 

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Product Description:

This fast-paced interactive game takes the traditional ring toss and puts you toe-to-toe with another player to be the first to land the ring. Make each party lively and take the rings and hooks with you all the time.

To play this ring toss game, place a wooden cup in the center circle, take the rings, and toss them. Moving the wooden cup 1 space towards your opponent each time you land the hook. The player wins when the wooden cup moves off the end of the ladder.

The toy is made out of wooden material that is carefully crafted and completely unique. The knots, grooves, and indents of the wood are what give this product the craggy look. They are also freshly sanded to display the natural design of the wood.

This ring toss game for adults and kids provides hours of entertainment while helping players improve their hand-eye coordination. Players of all ages love this addictive hook and ring toss game.

Product Specification:

Color: Wood

Material: Wood

Size: 40 x 32 x 20 cm

Weight: 500g

Function: Ring Toss Game

Package Inclusion:

1 x Ring Toss Game

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