Inverted Vertical Incense Stick Holder Glass Bottle


Burn your incense and continue meditating with this incense
holder. Its bottom parts are sealed, containing the ashes and it can be cleaned
by taking out the glass so the ashes won’t make a tabletop mess.

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This incense holder is made of the finest wood and has a high-quality
golden brass stand. It has a sturdy holder that grabs your incense tight and
the glass cylinder fits perfectly into the base unit to capture all of the ash
and when the sticks are all done burning, the glass cylinder can be removed so
you can empty it.

It nicely burns the incense, keeping the ash within the
glass yet allowing the smoke to be distributed well from the glass. So even if
you were outside meditating and burning your incense, the ash wouldn’t be
blowing everywhere.

This burner is perfect for meditation, stress relief, yoga
room, spa, reading room, teahouse, temple, church, family, or office. If you
don’t use incense you can also use this as an ornament or a candle holder.

It works perfectly and really keeps your area clean while you’re
just relaxing and enjoying your scents. This upside-down incense holder works excellently while looking nice and modern, and is the perfect gift for an incense




Color: Transparent

Material: Wood

Base Size: 8 x 8 cm

Height: 25 cm

Weight: 300g

Function: Incense Holder



Package Inclusion:

1 x Incense Holder

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