IPL Hair Laser Painless Hair Permanent Removal Device AU Plug


Remove your hair permanently and painlessly with this IPL Hair Laser Permanent Removal Device. Using this device will give you effective results as treatment in Beauty Spa and Salon. Similar effect, but lighter and smaller design for home use.

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This device is efficient for different skin types, exclusive skin detection system. Ideal for full body hair removal including arms, forearms, bikini area, legs, back, face and chest, lips, chin, sideburns, stomach, private parts. We recommend that you try from level 1 and then reach the intensity you can endure.

The IPL Hair Removal System works when the energy of the short intense pulse light is preferably absorbed by the pigment in the root hair follicle. After continuous treatments, it prevents the hair from growing.

To use the device, shave first and then dry your skin. Press and hold the power button for 3 seconds to start/turn off the device. Then press the device on your skin, wait until the light turns green, then press the flash button to start removing the hair.

It is clinically proven that IPL hair removal is easy, safe, effective and much less painful than the IPL hair removal system done by a dermatologist. In just following a 6 to 12-week plan within 3 months will guarantee 90% hair removal within the treated area.


Product Specification:

Color: White

Material: ABS

Size: 16.8*11.2*7.8cm

Weight: 450g

Functions: IPL Laser

Rated voltage: 110-240V

Power level: 8 level

Input: 12V 3A

Wavelength: 550-1200nm

Light Intensity: 3-5J/cm2

Operation Modes: Automatic & Manual modes for the different skin area


Package Inclusion:

1 * Hair Remover Device

1 * AU Power Plug

1 * User Manual

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