Iron Weed Pulling Tool Portable Outdoor Root Remover with Foot Pedal


Make gardening easier with this weed puller. Using this long-handled weeding remover tool to remove weeds can prevent the soiling of your hands and clothes and save a lot of time.

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Product Description:

The weed puller adopts a three-section adjustable lever
design, which does not require bending or kneeling, making your back and knees
feel more comfortable.

The weed hand tool uses a screw-in handle, which allows you
to extend the weeding tool depending on your height and pulling posture.

It is made with high-quality materials which can withstand
your weight when you step on the foot pedal, making it a great helper for easy
weed control.

Its long steel claw and foot pedal allow you to easily
penetrate any soil type and catch the whole weed, including the root, to
prevent them from growing again.

To use the device, what you need to do is keep standing,
push the steel claw into the center of the weed, step on the foot pedal, tilt to one side and pull out the weed.




Color: Silver

Material: ABS, Aluminum alloy

Size: 100*13.8 cm

Weight: 409g

Function: Weed Puller



Package Inclusion:

1 x Weed Puller

1 x Tube

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