Key and Money Safe Keeper Fake Rock Spare Key Outdoor Hiding Place


This is an ingenious way to hide your money and keys ‘in plain sight’ so you or your family members are never locked out of your house again.

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Product Description:

This is an outdoor key hider that looks just like, well a rock. The key rock has a smooth, removable secure cover that blends in with the rock in your garden and can accommodate multiple keys or paper bills at once. 

The rock key hiders can be placed at a certain location outside your house which you can share with your family and let them go inside your house during emergencies so you don’t have to duplicate your house keys and distribute them to your family.

It is made out of molded poly-resin material that matches real rocks in size, shape, texture, color, and weight. The rock key hider is also weatherproof and windproof and can withstand different weather conditions. 

Product Specification:

Color:  Grey

Material: ABS, Resin

Size: 3 x 6 x 8 cm

Weight: 140g

Function: Key Holder

Package Inclusion:

1 x Key Holder

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