Manual Operations Hand Cranking Fruit and Vegetable Peeler Machine


Make working in the kitchen a fun time with this Hand
Cranking Peeler. You can place and secure the fruit and crank the knob until it is
completely peeled. It offers simple operations and is safe to use around
children with minimal supervision. 

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Product Description:

This peeling machine automatically adjusts the shape of the
apples. The ultra-sharp stainless steel blade peels apples smoothly and
quickly. It also has 4 suction cups which help stabilize the peeler on clean
and smooth surfaces.

To use, hold the apples on the needle, shake the handle, and
the stainless steel blade will automatically peel the apples. Turn the knob and
enjoy your peeled apples safely in just a short amount of time.

This hand-cranking manual apple peeler can only peel the
skin of the fruit and will not include the pulp. It is very convenient to have and
saves your time and effort, perfect for making fruit pies or just peeling fruits
for dessert.

This peeling device is easy to clean and maintain. You just
need to rinse the needle and the peeling blade with water (the blade can be
removed) and dry with a kitchen towel. Wipe other soiled areas with a damp
towel, and then dry before storing.




Color: Dark Green, Green

Material: ABS, Resin, Stainless Steel

Size: 21 x 12 x 15.5cm

Weight: 290g

Function: Fruit and Vegetable Peeler



Package Inclusion:

1 x Food Peeler

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Weight0.5 kg

Dark Green, Green


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