Manual Pet Bathing Tool for Pet Grooming Bath Time Tool


Keep your pets fully clean without you
inflicting pain with this Manual Pet Bathing Tool. This pet grooming tool is
equipped with soft bristles that gently clean your pet’s coat, making them feel
like you are just petting them.

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Product Description:

Bathe your pet with ease with this Manual
Pet Bathing Tool. This pet groomer can be operated manually, using a single
hand. It is equipped with an innovative click-on and off design making each
bath time quick and easy.

Sprayer and scrubber rolled into one. The
water sprays from the water sprayer located on the scrubbers your palm allowing
you to soak, scrub, and rinse your pet by injecting water reaching the deep
areas of their fur.

This pet bathing tool I made with a
combination of elastomer and ABS materials, which guaranteed soft, non-toxic,
and perfectly safe for pets to use. This type of scrubber does not inflict pain
when used, but gently caresses the body of your pet, making them calm and
comfortable even when soaked in water.

This Pet Bathing Tool has a slim, flexible,
and one-size-fits-all design. It is equipped with an adjustable strap on its
back to fit different hand shapes and sizes.


Product Specification:

Color: Blue

Material: Elastomer, ABS

Size: 20*20*5cm

Tube length: 2.4M

Tube outer diameter: 12mm

Tube inner diameter: 9mm

Weight: 400g

Functions: Pet Grooming Tool


Package Inclusion:

1 * Manual Pet Bathing Tool

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