Mobile Phone Photography Video Shooting Kit with for Phones and Camera


Start your vlogging and online content
creator dream with this Mobile Phone Photography Video Shooting Kit. This kit
includes multiple accessories such as fill light, microphone, stand, and remote
control for you to create content videos that you can post to your different
social media platforms.

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Product Description:

The best tripod for
vlogging. This has a non-slip feet design that keeps this adjustable tripod
stable on the virtual ground surface. It has a lightweight and durable mini
tripod that is ready to be put in your pocket or bag, convenient for travel.

This Mobile Video and
Photography Kit comes with a shotgun microphone and wireless Bluetooth remote
control that produces
 professional-quality stereo sound and
it includes a foam windshield and cold shoe mount. The Bluetooth remote control
can be used to remotely wake up your phone or camera to start or stop recording
videos and take selfies. (The maximum distance is approximately 29.5 ft.).

This kit has a mobile
holder that makes it easy to mount on and compatible with most devices. It
works for iPhone 5, 6, 7, 8, X, XS, XR, 11, Samsung, Google, and camera. This
is the perfect kit for starting vloggers and budding online video content



Color: Black

Material: ABS

Packaging Size: 24.5 *
23 * 4.2 cm

Weight: 340g

Functions: Camera


Package Inclusion:

1 * Tripod

1 * Hot Shoe Mount

1 * Remote Control

1 * Fill Light

1 * Microphone



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