Mushroom-Shaped Hydroponic Plant Vase


Introducing Mushroom Vase – a charming and practical
addition to any space. Made of durable, high-quality glass, it adds a touch of
nature to your home or office. The lifelike mushroom design is perfect for
showcasing your favorite flowers or creating a mini mushroom garden. This
stylish and unique vase makes for a delightful gift for any plant or mushroom

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Product Description:

a touch of nature to your home or office with this Unique Mushroom-Shaped
Hydroponic Plant Vase.

stylish design and transparent glass make it easy to clean and use, adding a
touch of natural beauty to any indoor space. Made of high-quality glass, this
transparent vase is durable and built to last.

top hole allows you to insert your favorite bouquet or even grow your own mini
mushroom garden.

not just a practical vase or plant container, but also a beautiful decoration
that will enhance the natural beauty of any room.

mushroom vase is a fashionable and cute gift for friends or family, especially
for those who love planting or mushrooms.


Product Specification:

Color: Green, Blue, Yellow

Material: Plexiglass

Weight: Green Vase-110g, Blue Vase-65g, Yellow Vase-65g

Size: Green Vase-14.5 x 12.3cm, Blue Vase-11.8 x 8.5cm,
Yellow Vase-11.8 x 8.5cm

Function: Mushroom-Shaped
Hydroponic Plant Vase

Package Inclusion:

1 x Mushroom Vase

Additional information

Weight0.17 kg

Green, Blue, Yellow


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